Graphic video: US-backed rebels stomp on the Syrian flag after attack in rural Damascus


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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:25 P.M.) – On Saturday, Free Syrian Army (FSA) insurgents overran the Musaitema hill and nearby gun emplacements in the desert of Rif Dimashq amid heavy clashes with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

A graphic video published today depicted the FSA’s Osoud Al-Sharqiya and Ahmad Al-Abdo Martyrs Brigade shooting dead a SAA soldier from afar, then taking control of his gun position and capturing a Kalashnikov rifle and machine-gun, only to symbolically step on the Syrian flag in a show of defiance to the government in Damascus.

Furthermore, the aforementioned US-backed FSA groups claimed to have killed SAA Brigadier General Asef Saleem Sabouh in the battle for Musaitema hill.

Nevertheless, SAA contingents based in the Syrian Desert far outnumber FSA forces and also recently reached the Iraqi border, a move which notably cutoff the frontline between rebels and ISIS in southeastern Homs.

Click here for a full interactive battle map of Syria.

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