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According to pro-government sources, Ali Fahed, a pilot of the Syrian Su-22 warplane downed by the US-led collation on June 18 has not been rescued yet.

Al-Mayadeen TV network – one of the biggest Arabian news networks – claimed that the pilot was rescued by a special force from the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces.

However, hours later Al-Mayadeen TV reported that the early claim was false and the pilot is still missing.

New Data About Fate Of Pilot Of Syrian SU-22 Downed By US Warplane

According to pro-government activists, sources close to the Ali family claimed that he had been captured by the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF).

مصادر مقربة من عائلة الطيار المقدم علي فهد ، تؤكد حصول مفاوضات مع قوات سورية الديمقراطية لتامين عودته

Other sources from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also said that Ali was captured by a group linked to the SDF south of Tabqah and that negotiations are now underway between the group and the SAA to release him as soon as possible.

However, none of these reports can be officially confirmed now. No official source from the Syrian government or the SDF has announced anything related to the fate of the missing pilot.