Drone pictures: Two ISIS suicide bombers pulverise Kurdish bases inside Raqqa


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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (8:30 P.M.) – With the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) moving ever closer to downtown Raqqa, ISIS is increasing its use of suicide bombers, dodging roadblocks and targeting Kurdish forward positions in built-up areas of the city.

On Saturday afternoon, two more Islamic State car bombs blasted what Amaq Agency claimed to be SDF headquarters in the Jazara and AL-Idkhar districts.

One of the suicide bombers was identified by the ISIS outlet as Abu Al-Moatasem Al-Halabi, originating from Aleppo, while the other was nicknamed Abu Muhammad Al-Uzbeki, a jihadist foreign fighter from Uzbekistan:

At least 2,000 ISIS militants are still bogged down inside Raqqa city. Yesterday, the SDF cutoff the last supply line to the self-proclaimed Islamic State capital.

At the moment, the SDF controls roughly 15% of Raqqa city.


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