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President Bashar Al Assad visits the families of wounded soldiers with his wife Asma. The President continues to drive himself as he has done since before the war.

A peaceful man who is loved by his people, yet the US is doing all they can, to start a war and turn Syria into another Libya for Israel.

Warmonger Trump is carrying on where Obama left off, in trying to take over Syria.


Meanwhile President Trump cannot justify attacking and shooting down Syrian warplanes, so he is now planning a false flag chemical weapon attack to blame on Assad and justify war. It is interesting to note that the media are saying that Assad is planning a chemical attack on the opposition, which is Al Qaeda and ISIS. They usually say that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people.

So we will probably see the US/Al Qaeda actors again staging a chemical attack in their own ISIS territory, pretending they have been attacked with Sarin and carrying the same child actors around. The same white helmet actors, trying to prove they are helping people, when everyone knows they are terrorists.

See how many women there will be in the propaganda film, which has probably already been made and ready to be sent to the media. Most propaganda films have no woman, except the same one old lady they use over and over again. Real terrorist attacks show plenty of women as ISIS do not discriminate, when they kill civilians. Where as ISIS make their propaganda films in terrorist areas where there are no women. We have not seen this propaganda film yet, but we can tell you exactly what it will be like, as we have seen hundreds of these films over the past 7 years.

The hypocrisy of Trump who has been firing banned illegal chemical weapons, of white phosphorous and deleted uranium on both Syria and Iraq, has the nerve to kill Syrians with chemical weapons just to blame on Assad and justify another war.

US troops using white phosphorous.

There is plenty of evidence of the US using chemical weapons and the media is silent, yet there has been no evidence of Syria using any chemical weapons at all, but have been the target of chemical weapons upon them.

Syria has the right to declare war against the US for the chemical attacks on Syria by the US coalition.

This time Trump has gone too far, because if he goes ahead with the chemical attack it will be the start of WW3. We have seen over the last few weeks that Australia, Germany and France are no longer going to back the US their wars for power, but Britain continues to support Trump and ISIS.

US dropping illegal white phosphorous on Syrian children

Just when the inquiry into who used Chemical Weapons in Syria is announced, proving it was the terrorists, Trump plans a new attack, blaming the government.

The propaganda films showing chemical attacks look as fake as fake and anyone who can believe the bad acting, by these terrorists, is a complete idiot.

No longer the peacemaker we thought Trump would be, but he will go down in history as not only a warmonger, but a stupid warmonger.

Forget the ‘Make America Strong Again’ start worrying about  ‘Making America Safe Again’, as Trump’s action in threatening a full blown world war, will mean than no American will be safe.

Since Trump’s visit, Europe is turning it’s back on the US by insisting that Americans can no longer travel there visa free. Europe is planning a European Army to distance itself from NATO.

Every time Trump travels outside the US the more of a fool he makes of himself.