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WARNING: Trump the Tangerine Terrorist is preparing another chemical weapons false flag as we speak.

Just a few hours ago, the Washington ZOG released an exceedingly ominous statement saying that it had “identified potential preparations” for an attack with chemicals and that the Syrian government along with the Syrian Arab Army would “pay a heavy price” for it. Not too long thereafter, the warmongering, ‘Israel’-loving wench Nikki Haley took to Twitter to say regardless of who or what unleashes hell on “the Syrian people”–like she or her controllers give a damn about Syrians when all of Bilad al-Sham is only burning in the first place because of the Zio-Imperialists and their marionettes–and irrespective of evidence, Assad, Iran and Russia would be held responsible. The hubris of America gets loftier with every successive regime that World Zionism puts in power. Seriously, these suits are nothing less than maniacs.

Keep in mind that this isn’t coming out of nowhere. Just as of recent, the Syrian Arab Army and company have made it to the Syrian-Iraqi border, cutting off the central infiltration point for Daesh; liberated the strategic Raqqa town of Rusafa, securing the link between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor and preventing the chauvinistic, land-stealing, Zio-friendly Kurdish forces from advancing towards Rusafa’s oil fields; and, despite illegal air raids from the ‘Israeli’ entity in support of its Jabhat al-Nusra auxiliaries for three days straight, stopped Baath City in Quneitra from falling into terrorist hands. In layman’s terms, what remains of the American-Zionist project in Syria is in complete and utter shambles. The Takfiris, nor the Kurds can cut the mustard. So the Great Satan and the Little Satan are pulling out their favourite crock of bullshit–WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (READ: DECEPTION)–to salvage their failed and defeated conspiracy.

For 6 years, the Empire has lied about Syria. Just like the Empire has lied about every war it has ever waged in its history. This time around is no different. On an information battlefield, and in combat with an enemy who is the greatest liar ever known, truth is not merely our most powerful weapon… It’s our only weapon. So wield it like a sword, like an AK-47, like a katyusha, and keep your aim steadily focused on the US-Zionist War Machine. Indeed, don’t falter. Expose the mega-legerdemain before us as well as its architects–who can undoubtedly be found in Herzliya and Langley. Expose them with no mercy. For it is the duty of all free-thinking, good-hearted and free-minded people on this planet to protect Syria, its citizens, its army, its allies and its leadership from these serpentine barbarians.

Jonathan Azaziah