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A U.N. chemical weapons expert, wearing a gas mask, holds a plastic bag containing samples from one of the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Ain Tarma neighbourhood of Damascus, Syria. (File)

© REUTERS/ Mohamed Abdullah

A diplomatic source told Sputnik that officers of the Centre for Syrian Reconciliation deployed on Saturday in the Al-Qabas quarter of Damascus do not confirm the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian troops.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Officers of the Center for Syrian Reconciliation deployed on Saturday in the Al-Qabas quarter of Damascus do not confirm the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian troops, a diplomatic source told Sputnik.Earlier in the day, a number of Syrian opposition internet portals reported that the alleged government troops’ chemical attack in the Ein Tarma suburb of Damascus left 30 militants poisoned. The command of the Syrian Armed Forces denied the allegations calling the reports “false and not consistent with the reality.”

“On late July 1, a group of officers of the Centre for Syrian Reconciliation worked in the Al-Qabas quarter adjacent to the settlement of Ein Tarma. They did not register any ‘use of chemical weapons’ by the government troops from this quarter of neighbouring areas,” the source said.