ISIS releases rare English propaganda video showing aftermath of US bombs on Raqqa


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DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:30 A.M.) – In its latest propaganda video, the Islamic State promoted an Australian volunteer nicknamed Abu Yousef who seemingly joined the caliphate to become a part-time doctor, part-time militant.

The Australian convert was shown in front of badly injured children whom had suffered lethal injuries due to an ongoing US-led coalition bombing campaign on the city of Raqqa.

Later in the disturbing video, the ISIS member called on foreign supporters to either join the Islamic State’s mainland in Iraq and Syria or aid the jihadist cause in other ways.

The video is highly graphic and depicts children with third-degree burns, some of which were caused by incendiary American airstrikes. Viewer discretion is advised:


According to the ISIS-linked Amaq Agency, around 200 civilians in Raqqa have fallen casualties to American bombs over the past week alone.

The terror group claims its capital is being targeted by indiscriminate air raids while the Pentagon insists it only conducts pinpoint sorties.


Editors note

Watch the “burned” girls eyes concentrating and watching him speaking. The eyes of an actor covered in make up, rather than a child in pain or drowsy.

See more about this Australian, who is said to be a sexual predator, before he left Adelaide to join ISIS.


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