President Donald Trump continues to speak about PEACE and not interfering in other countries, but at the same time continues to threaten World Leaders.

The US is spreading intimidation around the world, including China, N.Korea, Iran, Syria, but doesn’t think of the consequences of war. How will the US fight in several countries at the same time? Trump is playing with fire and making enemies wherever he goes. Most of the US allies will not support the US into another war.

If Trump starts WW3 all nuclear weapons will be directed at the US, from Russia to China, from east and west. Nuclear submarines will surround the coastline when the World retaliates for the years of endless wars the US has put upon us all. The way things are going, this will undoubtably be the only way to stop US aggression around the world.


Here are a few examples of what Trump’s US military have been up to in the last week:

US Military Put on Alert; Washington ‘Waiting for an Excuse’ to Attack Syria — Russian Senator

US Planes Transfer ISIL Terrorists from Raqqa to Unknown Destinations

America provokes China in the South China Sea

US Increases Spying Flights over Syria’s Coasts

US and South Korea launch missiles in defiance of Russia and China

Trump accuses McCain and Graham of looking to start World War III

US becoming more aggressive in Syria: expert

Nikki Haley vs The World: how the US uses the UN as a means of global Apartheid (VIDEO)


This is what the US will be up against.