December 12, 2007


**[israeli army jeeps passing during one instance of “curfew” on a Palestinian village which lasted from 3pm until after midnight. No official halt was called on the curfew. This curfew, including tear gas, sound bombs, live ammunition, and harassment patrols –where late into the night army jeeps drive up and down the roads, blaring their horns and shining spotlights into the windows of residents long-since retreated to their homes –is a typical example of the sort of lockdowns Azzoun villagers have been under consistently for the last two months, and sporadically for years. Unpredictable harassment like this leaves residents wondering when the next ‘curfew’ will fall. A supply of frozen bread and canned goods is a wise idea…]


**[The effects of such a daylight curfew include disrupting school and shutting down businesses far in advance of closing hours. Given the dire situation of the economy, shutting down…

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