Syrian Army liberates entire city block from Islamist militants in east Damascus


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BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:45 P.M.) – As the Jobar operation in eastern Damascus approaches its second month, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues to slowly but surely pick its way through the maze Islamist defences entrenched in the area, today achieving a noteworthy breakthrough.

The latest assault by the SAA comes after forty (40) Elephant rockets were delivered onto the positions of the Faylaq al-Rahman Islamist faction in the suburb of Ayn Tarma.

After this bombardment, SAA forces – led by Republican Guard’s 105th Brigade and 106th Brigade stormed rebel positions in southern Ayn Tarma rapidly securing a whole building block located north of the Sunbul fuel station.

This successful push by the SAA forced Faylaq al-Rahman militants to retreat to the central area of Ayn Tarma after suffering ten casualties.

The Islamist rebels nonetheless left behind one sniper to delay SAA advance units. The SAA managed to located the marksman and neutralize him.

Attacks by the SAA were also made on the Jobar axis today, however, after two separate assaults army forces failed to achieve any breakthrough; clashes are still ongoing.


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