Last 500 ISIL terrorists unwilling to give-up in central Syria


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BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:50 P.M.) – The last Islamic State (ISIL) terrorists in the central region of Syria are refusing to give-up their fight, despite being completely encircled in a small pocket between the Hama and Homs governorates.

According to a military source in Hama, the Islamic State has an estimated 500 terrorists still active in central Syria, making it difficult to liberate the remaining territories under their control.

In particular, the Islamic State still maintains a strong presence near the strategic town of ‘Uqayribat, which was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army two weeks ago after a hard fought operation in the eastern countryside of Hama.

With many units of the army now deployed to the Deir Ezzor front, the Syrian military is relying on the Qalamoun Shield forces of the 3rd Division to clear the remaining territories under the occupation of the Islamic State.

However, the operation to clear these territories is not getting any easier, as every inch of land gained often costs the lives of several soldiers in the process.

The Syrian military has offered to transport the remaining terrorists to the Deir Ezzor front, but the Islamic State’s leadership has refused and will likely continue to reject any deal, as it will only speed-up the government’s operations in eastern Syria


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