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Ukrainian and Russian security services have gathered information about a plot to assassinate Putin, who is due to be elected president on 4 March 2012. The assassins were detained in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in early January 2012, after they survived an explosion in a rented apartment. The gang have confessed they were planning to assassinate Putin in Moscow, soon after the March 4 presidential elections.

One of the assassins, Ilya Pyanzin, said that the Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov hired him to kill Putin.

The Chechen militants are said to be linked to the CIA, Mossad and NATO.

Pyanzin came from the United Arab Emirates via Turkey to Ukraine.

“Our final goal was to go to Moscow and attempt to assassinate Putin,” a man described as one of the plotters was shown as saying on Channel One. “Our deadline was after the election of the president of Russia.”

The United Arab Emirates and Turkey are said to have close links to Mossad and the CIA.

The alternative to Putin is the Communist Party, which has in the past had firm links to Israel.

According to the Daily Mail’s Peter Hitchens:

“Putin stands – as no other major leader does in the world today – for the rights of nations to decide their own business inside their own borders.

“He has underlined that by refusing to join in the rash American-backed effort to destabilise the Assad regime in Syria.

“He has dared to wield a real veto (unlike David Cameron’s disposable cardboard one) and face the consequences.

“He has used his country’s huge oil and gas reserves to maintain an independent state.

“And he has rejected the current mania for privatisation and market forces as the cure for all ills.

“Russia, he believes, has had quite enough privatisation.”

The alternative to Assad is the CIA’s al Qaeda.