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Tonight the BBC continue to promote films sent to them from the SOHR. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, which is in fact Rami Abdul Rahman, the Al Qaeda member, living in Coventry.

For 7 years the BBC have been promoting his terrorist propaganda films. FAKE films made by the equally FAKE White Helmets.

We all know the White Helmets only operate in Al Qaeda held areas, because they are Al Qaeda. The Syrian Arab Army are bombing the terrorist groups to clear Syria of the terrorist groups. What ever name they choose to call themselves. Just when the SAA have the upper hand, the SOHR send their propaganda videos to the BBC and just like the puppets they are, the BBC puts out a story on the news, proving they are on the side of terrorist groups.

Telling the world how evil Government troops are for having audacity to bomb terrorists.

On one hand you have politicians in Britain calling for terrorists to be killed in Syria to stop them returning home and on the other hand you have the BBC crying over terrorists being bombed. Proving that Britain is on the side of the terrorists.

Below are some screen shots of the FAKE films the BBC have shown tonight. The same old FAKE films we have been watching for 7yrs now from the BBC.

All of the films are filmed in the same way and always the same content. How to make a FAKE film for the BBC:

  • Make sure there are clouds of dust.
  • Dig out a child that is covered with dust from under a piece of rubble that has been placed on them.
  • Run the child into the waiting ambulance.
  • Shake the camera to make it look as if you are under attack.
  • Cut away to bombs dropping in the distance (the same one that is used in many films)
  • Get your wives to tell how bad it is being under attack.

One thing common to all of the FAKE films are:

You only see the terrorists, after a so called attack, never any women or children, except the children they have planted under the rubble, which are  their own.

In a real situation of the terrorists targeting civilians, it is a completely different picture, with sirens, people running away from the area, including women and children. Fires from the explosions and the Syrian Civil Defence with their RED helmets putting out the fires and rescuing people.

You may never see this on the BBC, because the BBC only shows you FAKE films from Syria, to match their agenda to overthrow the Government.

A white van with a white helmets sticker on it. This is what the millions donated by the UK and US bought them.

One of the wives of the terrorists

Another terrorist wife complaining that they have no food.

Bringing a dusty child from a gap in the rubble.

Notice there are never any women or fires, just a group of terrorists ‘rescuing’ another of their children another one of their planted children.

Feeling their way in the same rubble that is in all of their films.

Remember this face, as this terrorist could be coming to your country soon. Or should the SAA kill him first?

Last week the BBC put on a FAKE terrorist film, very much the same as this one. Next week they will probably, put on another SOHR propaganda film.