The Rabbit Hole

We often hear about how the well-meaning, altruistic, selfless United States of America is concerned with seeing democracy flourish across the planet. Two of the most popular pretexts for “spreading democracy and liberty” are “regime change” and “humanitarian intervention”. We regularly see these two excuses used by politicians to garner support for foreign intervention in poor helpless nations. Not only did the US want to bring freedom to supposedly oppressed countries such as Iraq, Libya, and Syria but they wholeheartedly wanted to “save” the poor people from their “authoritarian leaders” (or so they would have you believe).

Considering this, one would assume that the last thing the US would want to do is illegally overthrow democratically elected governments, correct? In order to answer that question, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at how the United States has been spreading its world-renowned version of democracy and liberty.


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