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Too many people believe the Disney version of what’s happening in Syria — gallant America riding a white horse to save the poor children of Syria from a brutal dictator. The truth about Syria is that the western elites have been trying to overthrow the government for many decades. Everything else is just drama for public consumption.

Here are some links to official CIA documents, WikiLeaks emails, secretly recorded audio tapes, and inadvertent truth-telling from media/political elites that demonstrate the ruthless regime change plans in Syria that involve many countries including the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey etc.

  1. 1956CIA plot to overthrow the Syrian government (link)
  2. 1983CIA document and plans to obliterate Syria to enable pipeline (link)
  3. 1986CIA document discussing Syria and role of Muslim Brotherhood in a possible civil war fueled by Sunni-Shiite conflict (link)
  4. 2001: Wesley Clark told that…

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