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Reports from the Director-General of the Syrian Coroner’s Office affirm that thousands of Syrian children have had their organs harvested since 2011.

Turkish refugee camps on the border with Syria are identified as prime locations where organ harvesting has been, and is, occurring. Director-General Hossein Noufel recently made the disclosure though United Nation officials have not officially confirmed the findings.

“We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted in the refugee camps of the neighbouring countries and in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria since 2011 to take out the body organs of 18,000 Syrians and sell them in the international black markets.” – Dr. Noufel

Previously, refugees have recounted horror stories about the dire situation inside some of the refugee camps, however the morbid practice is not limited to camps as there are claims organ harvesting is occurring in Urban centres as well.

Speaking to ARA News, Nadia Kamal, mother of an 8-year-old girl in the al-Qadam neighborhood of Damascus, said: “My daughter, Raghad, had disappeared from a park in the neighborhood. After failed attempts to find her in any hospital, I’ve posted an notification online about her disappearance, but yet nobody responded.”

“However, ten days later, an unidentified person contacted me on the phone, saying my daughter is in a good condition and I can receive her,” she said, adding that the girl was handed over by a masked man.

“Indeed, I received my daughter. However, impacts of a surgery were apparent on her body. After investigation by a doctor we discovered that her kidney was removed,” she said.

Muhammad Ali, from Rukn al-Din neighbourhood of Damascus, told ARA News that more than four children were abducted in their area recently.

Source: Aranews.net

There is also information emerging that ISIS/ISIL forces are engaged in organ harvesting to help finance their military campaign. Furthermore, harvested organs are also said to be used to treat injured ISIS/ISIL soldiers.

The ISIL terrorist group is using organ harvesting as a way to finance its operations and save the lives of injured members, media reports said on Tuesday.

The Spanish daily El Mondo reported that facing the increased number of wounded members in the Syrian army and popular forces’ attacks, the ISIL is using the body organs of its captives for transplantation.

Source: realitieswatch

Black market organ harvesting is a lucrative business as there’s high demand for organs in international markets for transplantation. The price of a kidney or heart can fetch anywhere from $15,000 USD to $200,000 USD depending on the recipient and country of destination.

A Rough Guide to Black Market Organ Harvesting

Accounts that organs were removed from the bodies of dead militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul have also been reported.

Medical sources told El Mundo that the personnel in one of hospitals in Mosul have seen corpses of at least 183 people whose organs had been taken out of their bodies.

According to the report, the ISIL has set up a medical team in Mosul headed by a German physician which exports the body organs to Syria and the Iraqi Kurdistan region for transplantation to its members or selling.

Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations Mohamed Alhakim had made the same revelations last year, saying that the ISIL is trafficking human organs and has executed a dozen doctors for failing to go along with the program.

Source: Globalresearch.ca