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Israel is an Apartheid state- built on the expulsion and exclusion of the Palestinian people.

Eurovision 2019 will take place in Israel- the monstrous Israeli state will use it as a propaganda coup to use #metoo to cover up their occupation they often ‘pinkwash’ their brutal occupation.

The singer is not just as a representative of Israel the occupying power, but personally, as someone who was part of the Israeli Navy’s band during the 2014 war on Gaza. Barzilai performed for Israeli soldiers right before they participated in the shelling of Gaza that summer.

There is an international boycott movement that asks all progressive people to boycott Apartheid Israel- culturally, politically and economically.

We should respect that boycott. Ireland should withdraw from Eurovision 2019.

It would make a profound statement in defence of justice in Palestine and would focus the world on Israel’s crimes.