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“I’ve shouted today. But the silence is deafening.

While thousands of Palestinians were being shot, as they protested their incarceration, world leaders were taking photo ops in Jerusalem.

While about 50 Palestinians were killed by Israeli snipers, an Israeli singer was singing “Halleluya” in Jerusalem, and over there you could hear a pin drop.

The leaders, their wives and the preachers of end-days, they are celebrating the opening of the US embassy in the ‘eternal capital’ (until end-days of course), in the finest of clothing – whilst Palestinians are being soaked in blood, a bit further west, behind the mounds of darkness.

But the voices of the dying are not reaching Jerusalem. Jerusalem is insulated – elevated above the misfortunes of daily life, the life without drinking water, electricity and hope.

But all that misfortune is on Hamas, says our Propaganda Minister Erdan. It’s because they’re Nazis. And there are no innocent people there, says our Defence Minister Lieberman. And it doesn’t matter how many die, says Erdan – it’s like with killing Nazis.

But let’s not ruin the party. The earth mounds and the distance to Gaza will take the sound. And we shall have peace.

Jonathan Ofir
If countries don’t put sanctions on these two countries, we the people must do it.
When you bite into that MacDonalds, think of the dead babies. Boycott US and Israeli products. They have blood on their hands and are the biggest warmongers on this planet.