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As Serbia is forever showing loyalty to Russia, it is a matter of saying one thing and doing the opposite, while Russia is helping Syria fight the terrorists groups supported and trained by the US, Serbia is working for the US and has sent weapons to the very same terrorists Russia is fighting. Not to mention starting the so called ‘civil war’ narrative in Syria to eventually get regime change for the US.

You may or may not have heard of Canvas, which is based in Belgrade and starts revolutions around the world for money. They claim to help freedom fighters, but are paid by governments, that want to overthrow countries.

Canvas brag about starting the Arab Spring and see this as their success story and have since started the ball rolling for regime change for the US.

Canvas starts fake demonstrations and graffiti against the government, which is then taken to the media as fact. The State Department that organises at this stage, is Freedom House, that we have seen admit on TV, that it took them 2 years to plan the Arab Spring in Egypt and are going to continue spreading “freedom and democracy” around the world. As Canvas and Freedom House take credit for the Arab Spring in Egypt, we can only assume they were working hand in hand, with the US paying Canvas. The following statement from their website echos the same as words as Freedom House.

What We Do

The core of CANVAS’s work is rather to spread the word of “people power” to the world than to achieve victories against one dictator or another. Our next big mission should obviously be to explain to the world what a powerful tool nonviolent struggle is when it comes to achieving freedom, democracy and human rights.

From the image below you can see all the countries that they have had a hand in, which includes Syria and Venezuela.

The countries in Africa are just the start, as the head of Freedom House, when asked on France 24 when they are going to stop these wars, his reply was, “We are not going to stop, until we have spread “Freedom and Democracy” all over the world”.

Once Freedom House and Canvas have done their part of ‘Regime Change’, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International step in and spread the lies about human rights violations.

In the few countries that the US have been successful, USAID move in and US companies and politicians take over control of oil companies and telecom companies to name a few.

You will see from the map below that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are one of the few countries in the Middle East, not to have had attempts on regime change.

Image taken from the Canvas website, where they brag about their involvement in regime change.

Canvas claims to be a non-profit organisation on their latest website, but this was not always the case on previous ones, where they bragged about working for foreign governments, instead of the underdogs, with a grudge against their own leaders.

The following video was made in 2011 in the midst of the Arab Spring and when many of the countries above were still at peace. Srdja Popovic says in the video that they are working for governments and the time of filming they worked in 37 countries.

They have worked in Venezuela against Chavez and are probably involved in the recent regime change we see today.

The film explains how this group is the puppet of US regime change.

Popovic sees himself as a hero, but in fact he is a war criminal, responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people around the world.

Srdja Popovic and Slobodan Djinovic have blood on their hands of millions.