Graham Phillips being arrested in Latvia

This self proclaimed journalist Graham Phillips is travelling from country to country funded by Go Fund Me to spread lies and propaganda in the name of Russia.He isn’t doing Russia any favour, as his propaganda stunts only give Russia and real journalists and truth tellers a bad name. He claims to make videos telling the truth, but in fact they are short videos stating the obvious with lies as titles. He does not do any in depth interviewing or investigate anything, but just set up stories and lies.

Phillips can be compared with Danny Dayem for his FAKE stories, but instead of propaganda for Britain, he is saying that he works for Russia. In fact he is a freelance “journalist” doing his stunts in the name of Russia, which is doing Russia no favours at all. Just like the boy that cried wolf, the public will blame Russia for the pranks this idiot creates for a story.

The above video shows the lengths Danny Dayem making fake films with terrorists in  Syria to sell to the BBC.

Graham Phillips does exactly the same to sell to RT, but Russia doesn’t need FAKE stories from this man who is doing it for the money, as there are plenty of real journalists that have been in war zones and interviewed the people on the ground spreading the truth on RT.

Phillips thought he would jump on the bandwagon and make headlines for his own stories to make money. Using ‘Go Fund Me’ to con people into funding him. None of his films have any substance, they are just headline grabbing to get more hits.

In 2016 he was detained in Latvia after claiming to be ‘press’ and heckling and insulting participants in a march, asking them, for example, if they were not “ashamed of propagandising fascism”.

He is little more than an attentions seeking activist, all in the name of making money from his videos.


Travelling from country to country, especially those that have some sort of conflict with Russia, he makes sure he is noticed with his stunts. Anyone would call him a false flag against Russia, as the damage he is doing to Putin with his acts.

He has consistently tried to present himself as a truth-seeking journalist, and has claimed that Ukraine is infringing his rights as such. In fact, there is ample video footage, photos, etc. suggesting that his role in Donbas was anything but that of a journalist.  Komsomolskaya Pravda, for example, reported that “a British journalist has been wounded in Donbas”, with all the photos showing Phillip in camouflage gear, without any press markings.  He can in some photos even be seen learning how to use a Kalashnikov rifle.

From Ukraine to Serbia and Kosovo, he continues to make propaganda films full of lies to gain attention. This is the type of man that would go and live with the terrorists in Syria, just for a story.

There is no evidence of Phillips ever having worked as a journalist for any media, except those known for their pro-Kremlin position.  For a person with no clear job description or post, he appears to be unhampered by any major financial concerns, and travels quite extensively.  A Ukrainian publication has just posted evidence that he purchased a flat in Odessa in October 2013, which he must have done for cash.

Cash probably donated to him on ‘Go Fund Me’. Do not fund this man for his propaganda stunts as you are just as bad as him if you do.


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