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by Janice Kortkamp

How you get manipulated…

BBC strikes again.

The first rule of mainstream media “journalism” regarding Syria has been to blame President Assad. For everything. Before any investigation. Every single freaking time.

Like this poor child who was blinded during an airstrike.

Big headline: “Syrian Airstrike” blaming the Syrian armed forces. Lots of people reading and commenting, rightly horrified seeing the suffering of children.

Later, a tiny correction: “An Airstrike” – far fewer see it.

Later, another correction: “Not clear who was responsible” – a tiny handful would have seen it.

And finally: “Evidence indicates Turkey carried out the airstrike” with no change to the headline of NATO member Turkey’s responsibility – to an audience of what? No one?

It’s important to note that BBC was silent when the West’s mercenary terrorists kidnapped over 1000 women and children on their rampage thru Lattakia countryside in the summer of 2013 and later returned some of their kidnap victims in a prisoner swap. They had gouged out the eyes of one young boy they’d held prisoner before releasing him. 😥

Thank you Tim Anderson for the photos.