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The language of the Hebrew Jews is the Assyria language itself, but the Babylonian dialect they learned in their families.

The Jews are envying the Assyrians and killing them because the Assyrians were constantly performing because of their constitution and their modification to others.

They, like the Kurds who created them later, stole all their Assyrians and their feelings of inferiority, continuing and continuing in order to hide the Assyrian truth.

The Israeli Jewish French professor Shalmon Sand, who gave up his Judaism, says: “Judaism is lies of myths and attributes of the Assyrian history are referred to a nomadic people whom Assyrians called the “Genghero” or crossing tribes .

In this painting Jews named ( the black suit ) , which is called black-slung Jews, Jews kneel for repentance and forgiveness from the Assyrian king Shalamsar III, who continuously disciplined them and then prayed after their repentance.