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For years now the terrorist groups have been flooding film festivals with propaganda films. This time stooping so low as to make out it is filmed for their baby.

Yet another terrorist propaganda film being promoted by BBC/Channel 4 called For Sama. These groups use children and now babies to pull at the heart strings and make the world think they are hard done by. Even the BBC morning news was promoting this  film telling their audience they must watch it to see what really happened in Aleppo.

Promoting the same terrorist group that kidnapped innocent Syrians returning home from work land beheaded them and kept the head for ransom. The same group that kidnapped and massacred children and babies, to blame on others.Yet Channel 4 and promoted on the BBC today promotes these terrorist groups, making out they are hard done by. The couple in the up coming propaganda film, marry under the terrorist flag. Also the mother in this film does not sound Syrian to me, can any Syrian reading this confirm where her accent is from. When she speaks English she doesn’t even sound like she is from any Arabic speaking country.

Posing under the FSA terrorist flag

The terrorist group that was trained and still growing in Turkey. The group that have killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians, because they want to spread their Sharia Law to a secular country, just like Erdogan wants with his muslim brotherhood.

In 9yrs of war on Syria the BBC and Channel 4 have never interviewed or shown one documentary on behalf of the Syrian people and with the war almost over they continue to spread the lies once again. Proving that Britain is still supporting terrorist groups. 


Interesting to hear on the BBC this morning a Minister confirming the government has upped the funding for getting Syrian refugees to Britain. Which is a shocking comment as Syrian refugees have returned to Syria. The refugee camps are now filled with terrorists and their families that cannot return to Syria. So maybe the screening of this latest terrorist propaganda, is a ploy to make people feel sorry for the “refugees” that they are planning to send to Britain.

Remember only terrorists fear the Syrian Government, as Syrians love their country and their President Bashar Al Assad.

Just a reminder below of the war crimes of the Turkish/British/USA backed FSA.

Killed by FSA

Beheaded by FSA




Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (C), U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and Syrian opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib attend a news conference after the Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul April 20, 2013 (Reuters / Osman Orsal)

Of course this photo says it all, with the controllers of this terrorist group that they funded and trained, to do their dirty work of regime change.