Communication and trust problem

by Bouthaina Shaaban

Many concerned, politicians and analysts are asking many questions about the origin of mobility in Lebanon, Iraq, Chile, Bolivia and other regions also in the Arab region and Latin America, and many ask about sources of funding and spending that keep people in the squares without They worry about services, food or transportation, and even more doubt after attempts have failed to show the leaders that lead this movement despite calls for dialogue and discuss demands for which the protesters have already come out, which raises doubts about the motivation of these leaders and not Her desire to appear public to the arena so far, but whatever the possible answers to all these questions or some of them, she is missing a very important part of the problem: the real factors that have led to a loss of confidence at this level between governments and the public and The bitter accumulation that has enabled others to access the demands and anger of protesters and keep them in the squares and bear the consequences of this movement that may cause the victims or lead the country to the unknown.

When some wonder who planned, convince, funded, organised and followed, they wonder what others are doing to their fans without asking the fundamental and important question: what has brought these crowds to the point of accepting other logic while losing confidence completely Or in part of those who are mainly responsible for it from the regime, parties and leaders who are supposed to take care of their affairs and address all obstacles? Even with the presence of people in the squares in Capitals, cities and countries of different countries of the region and the world we notice the resort of some above me, assume that these fans do not see and do not understand, and try instead of listening and disclosure distribute the blame here and there and continue the The rejection of humility and the assumption that the right might be on the other side and that a sincere and transparent review has become the necessary first step of treatment.

The first problem I have noticed through my public work and my tikka with officials is that some officials consider being appointed to a high function as a “instrument of innocence” to them from belonging to regular working fans while this appointment should be the first step for the relationship With the people and the listening to their face, pulse and sense that must form the fundamental base of policies drawn and followed, especially if some of these officials are not worthy of the location they are entrusted to, it starts directly to come to others to prove, maybe For himself first, it is better than them and that if he did not have exceptional qualities, he would not have been chosen, instead of looking into the details of his file, understanding and drawing on the results of the implementation of his policies On the ground and adapt these policies to the needs and requirements of those who aim to serve and improve their situation.

Unfortunately, some have drowned in the sea of their own and can only hear his voice, trust only his opinion or respect only the influential and a handful of opportunists who hear what they really know he wants to hear in order to continue his robbery And they continue to benefit from these as close and reliable, and when it goes on like this for long periods, there is a great difference between sponsors and legitimacy, and there is no language of communication and understanding, and the parties remain amazed at the path of events and speed without anyone From Changing direction and suggest a different path because of the many accumulation and the late time, but at this very time there are those who have been working quietly, following, watching and weighing people’s feelings, their actions, their face and requirements with an accurate balance It is true and draws the right mistake to which these people respond, thinking that this mistake will save them and achieve them all they are looking for, while he is on the other side with his hand a completely different scheme from all their dreams and hopes, waiting for the right moment to Convince them that these hopes and dreams are possible to come true if they follow the path he has drawn for them, which brings them to the goal they seek.

At such a late time, it is not good to point fingers at the conspiracy makers and target countries because they are working and planning to achieve the interests they have, and they are not the ones responsible for this community and they have never claimed that they share their dreams of the restoration of Jerusalem Or Free Palestine or build countries with a democratic and development level that creates stability and prosperity for all of them.

And no one forgets that the battle with these has been raging and of different forms for decades and is in essence a battle of true independence, the battle of dignity and the battle of the ability of states and peoples to lift the dust of colonial domination and build their countries in the interests of their children Apart from the greed of the aspirants and the plans of occupiers and occupiers, but the tools to fight this battle have never been clear tools that will be re-evaluated every once in a while, and the working mechanisms that increase peoples immunity and convince that they are concerned first and finally the dignity of their countries Its Independence, and it is targeted with every dawn and sunset, and that this targeting needs to be thought, planning and working at different levels and in all sectors and walks of life so that children and pay are aware of the dangers to their future and Decide consciously and industry on which bank they want to stand.

In order to realise the size, difficulties and importance of what was referred to, a simple comparison can be made between China on the one hand and the Arab states and Latin American countries on the other, especially since China has gained independence from a hateful colonisation near the time it has Our Arab and Latin American countries have spent their independence, while china has spent years and billions to develop strategic plans and also to explain the road already based on the ambitions of its people, most of the Arab and Latin states have followed the fire policy and surrender to those who seduced them Power and money and came out with their speech who points to the mistake of collusion and non-belonging, and published a culture of exaltation what is being done instead of evaluate, discuss, and stir their a and goals until the best plan is made.

When the damage became big, everyone felt unable to face it and despair to change it, and there were ideas of repudiation and meeting them on the one hand, and it began to separate the feelings and views of the sponsors on the one hand, and despite the entry In multiple crises over the years, the rulers have not tried to change the way of work or pay attention to what they have before as one of the real keys to change, what China has done is to raise generations in pre-school education and focus on national, political, scientific and Follow-up with these and open the wide dialogue and choose the elites to develop plans and strategies and develop them at a wide level before they are put into effect, China has built on a well-developed educational and educational system and on selected research centres We have to discuss written plans for years before they appear public and put into effect, and what we need today in our Arab world from the maximum to below is a comprehensive review of what we have been through in the past decades and possess the ability and boldness to determine The locations of the glitch and the suggestion of new mechanisms to create a generation aware and convinced of what he and the others are doing, a generation that sticks to the hack and mask those who re or target it, no doubt it is a difficult task and the opportunists will say: ” We don’t have time for all this intellectual and strategic luxury we are in crisis and we need quick solutions “, crises will follow unless we think quietly and in depth and make plans with intelligence and awareness and carry our guaranteed speech and implementation mechanisms that make From the right of the squares, real partners are convinced that the homeland is their homeland and that they are responsible for saving it and guided its future, peoples have broken the barrier of fear and found someone to help use it and use their pain Today, it does not work for mystery or petulance with it, the only thing that works is honesty and hard work, enlightened and meaningful to truly save the future of the country.