Italian leftist admits to taking Soros money to advance open borders


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The former national secretary of the Italian Radicals admitted that his party received $298 000 in 2017 from George Soros’ Open Society foundations to advance immigration.

In just one year (2017-2018), the globalist Soros gave a total of $8,5 million to political parties, associations, and NGO’s operating in Italy to advance his immigration agenda.

Riccardo Magi, former secretary of Emma Bonino’s globalist Radical party and now deputy of +Europa, said the funds were made available “to promote a wide-ranging reform of Italian immigration laws through initiatives aimed at providing aid to immigrants and advancing their social well-being”.

The money was aimed at procuring the 90 000 signatures necessary force through an immigration bill to enable a large pool of cheap labour.

Magi said Italy’s current immigration law, “has produced half a billion irregular workers in Italy. With our law, filed at the end of the last legislature but not yet tabled, we ask that there be regular entry channels, we want to reconcile supply and demand for labor”.

“It is urgent to regularise and integrate foreigners, I am not talking about amnesty, obviously,” Magi said. “People are chasing after the spectre of Soros and do not see what the real anti-democratic forces in Italy are.”

“Salvini had said that in 5 years he would repatriate 500 000 irregular immigrants. In fact, in just one year he repatriated only 5 000,” Magi added. “So what do we want to do? Why not regularise anybody who has an employer ready to hire him?”

The MEP said he was proud to receive funding from Soros, insisting that it is much better than being friends with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“Much better to receive support from Soros than to be friends with Orban,” Magi said.

“I fully acknowledge the financing received, it is a point of pride,” he said. “Others, like the League, seem to have benefited from clandestine funds from Russian emissaries. Ours was an operation in the light of the day; it’s all accounted for.”

From another news item which appears unrelated at first, eighteen arrests were made in three Italian regions in the immigrant reception sector. With funds obtained from the State, pro-immigrationists restructured villas and organised lavish parties.

Sadly, this is not an isolated case. The Italian Guardia di Finanza in recent years came knocking on the door of one non-profit organisation every six days, arresting someone. The “philanthropists” arrested this week, were busy with the restoration of a private villa with a tennis court, among other things.

The investigation started when a boy’s birthday party – to which a hundred guests were invited – ended up on the Italian taxpayer’s expense report.

In 2018, following the reduction in migrant landings, the State saved 1,6 billion euros,  as crimes committed using the excuse of immigrants, also declined.

Convicted criminal Salvatore Buzzi, at the centre of the so-called Mafia capital, admitted that he earned more from the traffic of immigrants than from drug trafficking.

1 thought on “Italian leftist admits to taking Soros money to advance open borders”

  1. Anonymous said:

    If you are really on the left, open borders are not a priority just cos they enable the monopoly game.
    That is not say that the left is not internationalist but its priority is that countries should be allowed to use their own resources for the benefit of the people, who live in the country. Exports should be minimal along with capitalism.
    Open borders have only enabled cheap labour, and people going to the west for wealth when they are from countries that the west exploit. Its all a nonsense.
    All this patronage is a result of the monopoly game.
    People didn’t want communism or shared wealth or to pay taxes, they wanted phones and consumer items they could have done without. They also want properties worth a fortune that they can’t do anything with apart from sit in them.So be it, people have made their beds but don’t like lying in them.


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