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Gaza (QNN)- Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, on Monday threatened the next Israeli prime minister that he will regret the day he was born if he commit any folly against Gaza.

“If you think of committing any folly against the resistance, you will regret the day you were born”, Sinwar said in a meeting organised by the Islamic bloc in Gaza on Monday. “The Palestinian resistance is ready to strike Tel Aviv for six months in a row. Despite of the siege, the resistance has a military force that the enemy is making a big deal for”.

“We have thousands of missiles that would turn the occupation cities into ghost towns, if it [the occupation state] commits any folly against the strip or any of our major national issues”, he added.

“We have hundreds of kilometres of tunnels, hundreds of control rooms above and below the ground, thousands of anti-tank missiles that were made in Gaza.”

Sinwar also stated that Hamas, which did not hesitate to confront the occupation, knew well how to manage the conflict without pushing the strip towards an open war.

Regarding the Palestinian elections, Sinwar asserted that Hamas is ready for them and that it will overcome difficulties in order to ensure the success of the elections.

“We believe that even if Hamas does not win the elections, it couldn’t be more proud to bow to the will of people”, he assured.