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Ex M!6 trainer of  Al Qaeda first responders of attacks on the terrorist group and propaganda film makers white helmets James Le Mesurier has been found dead outside his home in Istanbul in mysterious circumstances.

Some reports say he fell from his balcony, but neighbours dispute this accusation.

In 2013, Le Mesurier founded the Mayday Rescue Foundation, which trained terrorists to be rescuers of their own group to make propaganda films on behalf of Al Qaeda and ISIS as a way to encourage the US/UK to attack Syria.

Just as Hollywood had done in the past, with their westerns, showing the goodies wearing white hats and the baddies wearing black hats. They thought stick a white helmet on their head to get the world to think these terrorists had become the good guys. When in reality the real Syrian Civil Defence wear red helmets and uniforms, as most countries do.

Three years after founding the white helmets Le Mesurier was awarded an Order of the British Empire for training the terrorist group.

Terrorist groups Al Qaeda and ISIS are mourning his death today, the the Syrian people are celebrating it.

See below the images of the James Le Mesurier legacy. He will always be remembered for siding with the evil butchers he trained.