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Gaza (QNN)- Six students have been killed and 15 schools have been damaged in the recent Israeli escalation against Gaza, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Ministry said the occupation state continues to practice “encroachment, brutality, and criminality” against the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip.

The statement states that the occupation state murdered the following children:
1. Muhammad Hammoudeh from Othman Bin Affan high school in northern Gaza.
2. Ismail Abdel al from Yaffa high school in eastern Gaza.
3. Amir Ayyad from Zaitoun school for refugees in eastern Gaza.
4. Muath Sawarkeh from Abdullah Bin Rawaha school.
5. Muhannad Sawarkeh from Abdullah Bin Rawaha school.
6. Waseem Sawarkeh from Abdullah Bin Rawaha school.

The statement also said that hundreds of children suffer from panic attacks, caused by the Israeli brutal strikes against the native Palestinians.

Meanwhile, 15 schools were damaged by the Israeli strikes. Some walls fell down while class rooms got partially damaged, and several Israeli bombs got into some class rooms and play yards.

The Ministry stated that targeting children and school is a blatant violation of the International laws, which requires further work by all international organizations that should hold the Israelis accountable for their crimes against humanity.

The Israelis have killed 32 Palestinians and wounded 111 others, including children and infants in the recent escalation against Gaza.