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13.11.2019, Washington.

The United States gave Ukraine weapons, so that Ukrainians could “fight against the Russians”, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in an interview to the channel WCSC on November 11.

In his interview, Pompeo pointed out his involvement in US policy towards Ukraine. Its goals were to eradicate corruption in Ukraine and to ensure that “Vladimir Putin wouldn’t be able to inflict hardship on the people of Ukraine.” To this end, the USA supplied weapons to the Ukrainians.

Pompeo noted that the previous US administration did not dare to provide weapons to Kiev. “We gave them real weapons where they could fight against the Russians. I’m proud of what the administration did with our Ukraine policy,” Pompeo said.

In 2017, the USA approved shipments of Javelin portable anti-tank missile launchers to Kiev. Shipments of anti-ship missiles and coastal defence weapons were also considered.

In September, the Department of State approved an almost $40 million shipment of the Javelin launchers to Kiev, allowing 160 missiles and various equipment to be sold to Kiev.