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MOSCOW, (ST)- A new study by Maxim Grigoriev, Director of the Russian Foundation for the Study of Democracy, has provided new evidence about the criminal activities of the so-called “White Helmets” terror group in Syria proving its involvement in human organ trafficking.  

In his study entitled “The White Helmets Organization: Terrorist Accomplices and a Source of Disinformation”, Grigoriev said that members of this terror group are involved in the forcible removal of human organs of Syrians who lived in areas that were controlled by terrorists.

The White Helmets were a key element in this illegal scheme of organ removal, Grigoriev added, pointing out that he had got information about these incidents from the people whom he interviewed.

According to Itar Tass, Grigoryev and his colleagues recorded over 100 interviews not only with residents of Aleppo, Damascus, Douma, Deir Ezzor and Saqba, but also with over 40 members of White Helmets and about 20 former members of armed groups.

According to eyewitnesses’ testimony, White Helmets were involved in evacuating people whom they promised medical assistance. After that, their relatives received bodies with some vital organs missing. This became evident when the bodies were examined and weighted, Grigoryev added.

He also noted that, according to several media reports, White Helmets co-founder James Le Mesurier who recently died under suspicious circumstances, was in Yugoslavia in late 1990s. During this period, illegal extraction of human organs and trade in them was in full swing in Kosovo, he continued.

“The scheme of illegal extraction of organs from residents of Serbia was carried out on the territory where Le Mesurier was staying, and exactly the same system was recreated in Syria. This is exactly what White Helmets are doing,” the Russian expert stated.

The activity of the pseudo-humanitarian organisation the White Helmets, which has terrorist connections, is destructive and part of a large-scale media war against Damascus, Sergey Lavrov said in his forward to the study.

“Provocations by the White Helmets, including fake videos of chemical attacks, were widely used for demonising legal Syrian authorities and as a pretext for illegitimate use of force against Syria,” Lavrov writes, noting that the study exposes the destructive nature of the White Helmets.

Hamda Mustafa