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Picture : ANF

IS jihadists in ranks of the militia alliance Syrian National Army, which is affiliated with Turkey, and in their attacks gets fire protection from German tanks

Under the direction of Turkey, the Islamic State (IS) is awakening to new life. Former IS members exchanged their “uniforms” for uniforms of the Turkish-trained, funded and affiliated Syrian National Army (SNA) militia alliance . Her methods of terror did not change her. With their support, Turkey is promoting ethnic cleansing in northern Syria. Every day, the media worldwide report on the war crimes of Turkey. But our politicians ignore, remain silent, sway, lie and make themselves the assistants of Erdogan?

The so-called SNA financed and equipped by Turkey is officially subordinate to the “Syrian National Coalition” (ETILAF), which is also financed by an office in Berlin from the Federal Republic of Germany and works closely with the Turkish government. ETILAF is a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated alliance of the so-called “Istanbul Opposition” against Assad.

Representatives of various jihadist groups, such as Liwa al-Tawhid and Jaish al-Islam, who have committed war crimes in Afrin and are now re-committing war crimes on behalf of Turkey in northeastern Syria, are members of this alliance. The Bundestag member of the Left, Ulla Jelpke, therefore aptly described the ETILAF as “a political representation of jihadist headdressers of graces Erdogan” .

“Radiant, Risen Mujahideen”

Erdogan recently called the SNA the “radiant, resurrected mujahedeen.” That should make our Erdogan-faithful politicians think. The Kurdish news agency ANHA has identified at least 76 IS jihadists based on photos, videos and statements of detained jihadists in northern Syria , who have just changed their uniforms and now together with the Turkish army and with Leopard tanks – supplied from Germany – the civilian population in Northeast Syria should attack, so the accusations, which also has to answer the federal government.

A video of Jaish al-Islam shows how the German-made tanks give the Islamists fire protection in an attack .

The Kurdish news agency ANF has published a first list of 39 IS terrorists murdering on behalf of Turkey. Only the first three people are listed here – a look at the list shows that most IS terrorists come from Homs, Deir ez-Zor or Rakka and are now on the Turkish payroll and are involved in human rights crimes in northern Syria:

1. Basil Mohammed al-Ali: Codenamed Talha, 23 years old, born in Homs, joined IS in 2013, joined the Proturian militia Furqat al-Hamza in 2017. Now in Siluk in northern Syria.

2. Basil Hassan al-Asura: Codenamed Abu Osama al-Shami, born in Damascus in 1993, joined al-Nusra in 2012 and went to Suweyda in 2014 to join the IS. He founded the IS Emin Kharici Battalion in 2016 and became its commander. In 2017 he went to Turkey. He took part in the attack on Efrîn at Furqat al-Hamza. Now he is in Girê Spî together with the Turkish army.

3. Bashar Simid: Codenamed Abu Islam al-Qalamuni, born 1994 in al-Nabiq near Damascus. He joined the IS in 2014. He fought in Damascus, Tadmur and Tanf. In 2017 he went to Turkey together with Abd Ayman al-Iraqi. He became battalion commander of Ahrar al-Sharqiya and participated as such in the attack on Efrîn. Now he is in Serêkaniyê.

Kurdish news agency ANF

All named persons were identified by photos. Every day there are new reports on well-known IS members in the Turkish ranks . This list shows: The IS is not defeated, but now acts on behalf of Turkey under the name SNA. The fact that Turkey allows the IS and does not fight , has been an issue for many years.

The Kurdish self-government, published on 11.11.2019 an extensive dossier that cooperation between Turkey and the IS with photos and statements of IS – members documented . All these people commit crimes against the civilian population of northern Syria on a daily basis. Rules and laws do not seem to apply to either the Turkish military or the terrorist networks of the SNA.

Permanent violations of the Geneva Conventions

How can it be that the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) commits unpunished daily human rights violations in conjunction with the NATO member Turkey and no one demands compliance with the Geneva Conventions, respect for human rights in the conflict area, although this is mandatory for all NATO countries are?

The following is an excerpt of the Geneva Conventions against which Turkey and its affiliated so-called National Syrian Army are in daily breach:

Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions states:

1. Persons who are not directly involved in the hostilities, including members of the armed forces that have extended their arms and those who have been disarmed as a result of illness, injury, capture or any other cause, should participate in all circumstances Humanity, without any discrimination on grounds of race, colour, religion or belief, sex, birth or property, or any other similar reason. For this purpose, the following is and always is prohibited in relation to the persons mentioned above:

a. Assaults on life and limb, including murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;
b. Capture of hostages;
c. Impairment of personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;
d. Condemnations and executions without prior judgment of a court orderly ordered, which provides the legal guarantees recognised by civilised peoples.

2. The wounded and sick should be salvaged and cared for.

Furthermore, “attacks on medical facilities, such as hospitals and hospitals, which are under the protection of one of the Convention’s symbols of protection, are strictly prohibited (Articles 19 to 23).” Civilian hospitals should under no circumstances be attacked (Article 18).

Prisoners of war are to be treated humanely under all circumstances (Article 13). In particular, their killing, any threat to their health, use of force, torture, mutilation, medical experimentation, threats, insults, humiliation and public display are strictly prohibited, as are reprisals and retaliatory measures. The life, physical integrity and honour of prisoners of war should be protected at all costs (Article 14).

The persons protected under the Geneva Convention IV are in all circumstances entitled to respect for their person, honor, family ties, their religious beliefs and customs and their other habits (Article 27). They are, without any distinction, to be treated humanely in all circumstances and protected from violence, threats, insults, humiliation and public curiosity. Women should be given special protection against rape, forced prostitution and other lewd attacks on their person … (Article 28). Torture and extortion of protected persons for the purpose of obtaining information is inadmissible (Article 31). Plundering, retaliation and hostage-taking are prohibited (Articles 33 and 34).

Article 48 establishes the principle that civilians and combatants must be distinguished at all times and that acts of war must be directed only against military objectives.
Attacks against installations or facilities containing dangerous forces (dams, levees and nuclear power plants) are prohibited if such an attack can cause serious civilian casualties (Article 56).

Geneva Conventions

There are many examples that prove that Turkey does not abide by laws and regulations, either domestically or abroad. Not to mention the terrorist militias of the so-called Syrian National Army.

A cruel example from Afrin is said to be representative of the many crimes against humanity: BBC reports on its Arab service that a young man from a village in the Afrin region, who was abducted by the proxy troops of Turkey a few months ago, of these set on a “Khazouk”, so was impaled. He was found alive, but has suffered such lasting damage to his anus through this cruel torture that he can no longer sit.

The marauding Islamists who are rampant in Afrin are also on the move to Turkey’s new annexation area. And they have long been active beyond the Russian-Turkish agreed 5-kilometer zone and also beyond Erdogan’s demanded 30-kilometer zone out in northern Syria and represent an acute danger especially for the Christian and ezidi populations .

The journalist Andrea Backhaus is just for the newspaper Die Zeit locally in the Christian areas:

In Tell Tamer you can see what is meant when people say, The world has failed us. Because here they fight for their lives – and nobody helps them. (…) The Turkish army and its militias not only fight along the Syrian-Turkish border, but also advance into the country, displacing people from their villages and bombing civilians, aid convoys and medical teams. The time

The Turks are still a few kilometers away from Tell Tamer, reports Shamaon Kako, head of the local office of the Assyrian Democratic Party, but nine Christian villages have been abandoned in the Khabur region. The Backhaus article states: “The deacon of the local church accuses the Turkish militias of taking the land away from Christians and asks: ‘Recep Tayyip Erdoğan calls his invasion Operation Peace Source … where is peace, please?'”

Northern Syria: Turkish Rhetoric and Reality – Telepolis Salon on the violent war of aggression of Erdogan and the situation of the Kurds

Now, the media accuse Turkey of providing German tanks to allied Islamists in northern Syria. As the newspaper Merkur reports , there is evidence “that Turkey has passed the heavy weapons from German production to its allies of the Syrian National Army (SNA) …” These were both personnel transporters as well as tanks.

This would violate a treaty with Germany, the so-called “general end-use clause”. Under this clause, the Turkish side may not transfer the material to third parties for use without the prior consent of the Federal Government.

According to the current state of knowledge, such consent is not available. A statement by the Turkish government on these allegations, which are covered in videos including Merkur, is still pending.

Danger for Europe too

As early as April of this year, Kurdish media warned against the reorganization of the IS with the help of Turkey. At that time, the village of al-Bab became the centre for the recruitment of former IS terrorists . Al-Bab is now ruled by a jihadist military council established by Turkey and the Turkish military.

Again and again there are attacks against the remaining population to drive them out. When the people demonstrated a few days ago after a bomb attack against the Turkish occupation, the military council and Turkish soldiers opened fire on the demonstrators. There were dead and injured. Responsible for the attack signed the protürkische militia Furqat al-Hamza .

Hawarnews has published documents , which also document the recent cooperation between Turkey and ISIS : These documents show that IS members should go to Germany via Turkey to become active in Europe.

Indirectly, the former US Ambassador to the International Coalition Against IS, Brett McGurk, confirmed this a month ago on October 20: “I led the International Coalition campaign against IS Turkey has 40,000 Islamists (2015 to Syria ) … They came from 110 countries through their airports and then drove to the Syrian border. “

Brett McGurk said the IS was also present on the Turkish border. The United States has worked with Turkey and is trying to persuade them to close the jihadist border, but they would not have.

This statement is consistent with statements of jihadists detained in Kurdish prisons . Iraqi intelligence said last Tuesday that ISIS leadership is in Turkey. In a CNN interview, the intelligence chief, General Saad al-Allaq , said nine high-ranking IS terrorists with access to large sources of money would be in Turkey.

ISIS plans would suggest liberating detainees from camps and prisons in Syria and Iraq: “Great international efforts should be made to tackle this problem, as these criminals are able to leave these camps and enter their countries This is a great danger in Europe, Asia and North West Africa, “said Saad al-Alltaq.

These cadres of the IS play a key role in the recruitment of fighters and terrorists, says the Iraqi intelligence chief. With the liberation of the IS prisoners the IS plans a reorganization. This coincides with reports of the Kurdish news agency ANF from the April 2019, so before the invasion of the Turkish troops in October 2019.

“Turkey as a strategic basis of reorganization”

She reported on activities of the Turkish intelligence service MIT , which brought IS terrorists from Syria to Turkey to reorganize them into camps. The result is the so-called Syrian National Army, which is now rampant in northern and eastern Syria. The Dutch secret service (AIVD) also believes that the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) uses Turkey as a strategic base for the reorganization and poses a threat to Europe’s security.

report released last Monday said that IS and al-Qaeda would use Turkey as a strategic base from which IS could reorganize and further develop its international plans. According to the Dutch secret service, Turkey does not consider the jihadists as a threat.

Ahmet S. Yayla, Assistant Professor of Homeland Security at DeSales University, was the head of the Turkish National Police’s anti-terror department in Urfa between 2010 and 2013. He reports that since 2014, Turkey has not carried out any operations against al-Qaida or its allies. The group was considered “a friend,” says Yayla. Intelligence and law enforcement authorities are also sympathetic to the IS – if members were arrested, they would be released after a short time.

These statements coincide with a report by Fehmi Tastekin in al-Monitor . The journalist sees in the sudden and hectic action of Turkey against IS members a connection with the death of IS leader Al-Baghdadi. This was located five kilometers from the Turkish border in a newly built house in the Turkish-controlled territory, as the United States attacked the house for indications of the military self-government SDF.

The day before, the Turkish military arrested Baghdadi’s sister Rasmiya Awad along with her husband, daughter-in-law and five children in the similarly Turkish-controlled, northern Syrian border town of Azaz. Many journalists wondered how it could be done that the Turkish secret service has only now become aware of where he is well connected with the Islamists.

IS supporters in deportation centers

As has just become known, Baghdadi’s first wife, Asma al-Qubaysi, has been living in the border region of Hatay, Turkey, with 11 adults and children, including Baghdadi’s daughter Leila Jabeer, in a so-called “deportation center” with 250 other IS members since June 2018. recorded. From this one could conclude that Turkey is now determined to take action against the IS. But far from it. These are just smoky candles.

Tastekin raises important questions in this context: Why are IS supporters being held in detention centers and not being tried and detained like any other “terrorist” defined by Turkey? Since when are these people in the detention centers? Could it be that until recently they lived in normal homes and were taken to detention centers after the death of Baghdadis to dispel the suspicion that Turkey was supporting them?

For detention centers have a completely different function: they should detain foreigners until deportation, who have violated the passport right, have exceeded their visa or pose a security risk. They are not prisons, they have flexible conditions in contact with the outside world, telephone use and personal meetings with relatives or lawyers. Persons may be detained in a detention center for a maximum of 6 months.

The length of detention of a person in a detention center is limited to six months, exceptionally up to one year. Baghdadi’s first wife, Qubaysi, should have been sent to Iraq after a court case in June 2019 at the latest.

A lawyer representing two IS members from the Caucasus told al-Monitor that his clients had been taken to a detention center after being caught in Gaziantep, a province on the border with Syria. However, the deportation proceedings were stopped by an appeal to a court, resulting in the release of the couple after one year.

The lawyer bravely asked why captured YPG members (Kurdish units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria, editor’s note) were not taken to detention centers but ended up in jail? “Why do not they do the same thing when it comes to IS?” The lawyer asks.

Another detail is that Turkey does not hand over the IS relatives from the detention center to the Syrian state, but sends them across the Cilvegozu border crossing to the Turkish-controlled areas, leaving them free.

Despite this apparent cooperation between Turkey and IS, or Turkish support for the reconstruction of Islamist structures in the recently conquered areas of northern Syria with weapons, training and shelter of IS terrorists, Turkey is taking part in the anti-IS conference in Washington part. Say evil tongues, so that the IS is sitting directly at the table …

IS returnees – that could have been known

Since in North Syria also employees of the most different secret services cavorted, as for example the CIA, the BND and the BKA it is incomprehensible, why the Federal Government does not react to the growing threat of terrorism by the newly constituting IS.

The Kurdish self-government provided crates of evidence to the services, as well as reporters to the Spiegel : passports, lists of jihadist names, and bills on trade between IS and Turkey. And since it should not be possible to find evidence to indict German IS nationals?

Is not it rather that the Federal Government has avoided cooperating with the self-government of northern Syria, because it has spared the Kurds like the devil the holy water, just to make no appearances, one would cooperate with the Kurds?

And the described treatment of Turkey with IS relatives in detention custody has also remained hidden to them, although media report about it? As before, the action of the Federal Government is characterized by a banal sentence: Just do not anger Erdogan. Heiko Maas even seems to lie in the cameras when he says the ceasefire holds .

The federal government plays down the ethnic cleansing as “occasionally minor skirmishes on the edge of the Turkish controlled areas in northeastern Syria,” criticised the member of parliament of the Left, Ulla Jelpke the response of the Federal Government to their question .

The only question is, why do we still see daily the pictures of new massacred civilians, the video footage of the inhabitants of Serekaniyes standing in front of a fence and watching their houses being torched by the Turkish army and their henchmen, the tortured people, the churches destroyed in the last days under the alleged truce?

Coordinated cooperation with the self-administration of northern Syria and careful examination of the evidence found would certainly have provided one or the other proof of ISIS involvement in ISIS terrorist activities. Maybe the arrest of the lawyer , who was supposed to check for asylum applications in Germany for the Foreign Office, has initiated a change.

On Saturday, Vice-Consul Sven Krauspe of the German Consulate General in Erbil, northern Iraq, and former US Consul Peter Galbraith traveled to “Rojava” in northern Syria and signed a protocol at the border crossing Semalka in the administration building of the self-government for the repatriation of German IS members from the “Federation North and East Syria “to Germany. In August of this year, the Consulate General of the German Consulate General also traveled to Semalka to retrieve four IS children