Free Hong Kong Center tries to pass them off as “Slavic pagans” when their neo-Nazism is a matter of public record as even Bellingcat concurs

Editor’s note: Bellingcat on Filimonov’s and Maliar’s background as National Socialists. Maliar in fact actually sports swastika tattoos on his skull but even that was not enough for Hong Kong “democrats” to disassociate themselves.

After destroying their own country, Ukrainian neonazis from the Azov battalion have relocated to Hong Kong to help destroy that city too:

Earlier this year, an initiative of US Congressmen wanted to designate Azov as a white supremacist terrorist group. What happened? Here we see the neonazis helping out at US inspired and supported riots in HK.

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Update 1 — 

The Hong Kong rioters tried to claim that these are not really neonazi but rather Slavic pagans, or whatever. [Yeah right, “Slavic pagans” with “Valhala” (ie Germanic) tattoos on their neck.] And claims of Naziism in Ukraine are all but Kremlin propaganda, which is a talking point learned from their American handlers:


I just realised that the hero of this post Serhii Philimonov was already featured on this blog several months ago when he gave lectures on street protests in Kiev:

These posters are apparently posted around Kiev. It is from a seminar called “The Academy of Street Protests”:

The speakers are nationalists, radical nationalists, for instance Serhiy Filimonov is affiliated with the neonazi “Azov” battalion. And all seem to have gone through the Maidan.

Source: Insomniac Resurrected