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HASAKA, (ST)_Turkish regime’s mercenaries robbed equipment of several irrigation wells, fuels and agricultural equipment and beehives in Tal Mohammad Sharqi town in Ras al-Ayn countryside, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

The agency added that terrorist groups driving Turkish cars stormed several towns and villages in the same region (Ras Al-Ayn countryside) and stole agricultural crops and home furniture after threatening residents with gun.

It indicated that Turkish regime forces continued to use threats and money to gather young men to fight alongside Turkish-backed terrorist groups amid residents’ rejection of doing that.

Moreover, local sources said that the Mayor of the Turkish Urfa town entered Ras Al-Ayn city and inspected the houses there to transport further terrorist groups and their families to the city ad to house them in the residents’ houses.

On the other hand, many mercenaries affiliated to the Turkish regime were killed and injured in the blast of several mines in Amereyeh and Aresheh towns. The wounded ones were conveyed to Turkish territories to receive treatment.

In Afrin countryside, terrorists linked to the so-called the ‘al-Hamzat”, which is supported by the Turkish regime, carried out excavation works in Joqa town and dug up a religious shrine located between Joqa and Kokan towns searching for ancient monuments to smuggle them via Turkish border.

Several terrorists were seen carrying bags from the sites of excavation.

Terrorist groups, mainly al-Nusra Front and ISIS [ Daesh], have stolen and distorted archaeological and historic sites before defeating them with the aim of wiping out the history of the region and smuggling ancient monuments abroad as well as ensuring financial resources for the continuity of attacks against Syrian people and their state.

Basma Qaddour