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Jess Phillips one of the Labour Politicians that is hoping to become leader of her party, has just claimed on Good Morning Britain that General Qassem Suleimani was an evil man, because he had killed the families of her friends in Syria. 

As Suleimani was in Syria killing ISIS on behalf of the Syrian people, we can only assume that her so called friends are terrorists, as Syrians are thankful for being liberated by the General.

This comment by Phillips is disturbing, as it shows why politicians are making comments on behalf of terrorist groups.

Terrorists that have made their way to Britain, claiming to be refugees are going to their local Politicians and filling their heads with lies and propaganda. Obviously the claims British Politicians make, that they do NOT check the facts and believe every thing they are told.

At a time when ISIS are celebrating the death of Suleimani and would love to see Britain going to war with Iran, terrorist groups have found an other way to get politicians to do their bidding.

When Politicians are believing everything they are told by their constituency without checking the facts for themselves, puts Britain in a dangerous situation and proves that the terrorists which entered the country as refugees have not given up their fight.

Just as Priti Patel was sacked by Theresa May for going to Israel without permission, was then promoted to Home Secretary by Boris Johnson. Patel had always claimed that Johnson knew she had gone to Israel, or did he send her there?

Israel won the propaganda fight against the Labour Party to get their Conservative puppets elected.

It is a gloomy start to the New Year, to find out the British politicians are in fact puppets of terrorists.