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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The former prisoner Ishaq Abu Hitteh (17 years old) from Hebron told the Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners about his arrest, which took place near the Ibrahimi mosque on January 18th.

The boy was arrested while he was heading to the mosque to pray. He had been assaulted and attacked by settlers, who surrounded and threatened him before a large number of Israeli soldiers arrived and brutally beat him, claiming that he tried to stab the settlers.

The soldiers forced Abu Hitteh to sit on his knees and left him for three hours in the freezing weather.

The soldiers did not stop insulting and humiliating him the whole time. They also removed his clothes, leaving him shivering under the rains with only a flannel shirt on him.

The child was sent after that to a police station for interrogation in the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba. After interrogation, he was doused with cold water then sent to Etzion detention center, where he has been held to this day.