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by Zayn Dagham

A statement by the General Command of the Syrian Army stated that a Turkish military convoy crossed from the Uglinar region towards the Syrian interior, in conjunction with the Israeli raids on Syrian territory at dawn today, Thursday.

The statement of the General Command of the Syrian Army stated: “At exactly 02:00 am on Thursday, 6-2-2020,

in clear time with the Israeli air aggression,

and even under its cover, a Turkish military convoy entered a number of vehicles and armored vehicles,

and the crossing was carried out from Uglinar, toward the Syrian interior. “

The statement added: “The Turkish military convoy spread on a line between the towns of Bunche – Ma`rat Misrin – Taftanaz

with the aim of protecting the terrorists, especially the Jabhat al-Nusra Front,

and obstructing the progress of the Syrian Arab Army and also preventing it from completing the elimination of organized terrorism


that besieges civilians in Idlib Governorate and also takes them as human hostages and shields. “.

The statement stressed the army’s role in continuing its response to the aggression,

in addition to noting that the concurrent Israeli and Turkish efforts and all those who support armed takfiri terrorism will not succeed in dissuading the army from performing its duties.

On the other hand, a Syrian military source told RT that Syrian army units had taken control of the town of

Efs in the north of Saraqib in Idlib eastern countryside amid its progress to liberate it from the control of terrorists.

Yesterday, the Syrian army units liberated the strategic town of Tal Touqan and the two villages of Islamin and also Rayyan,

after eliminating the last terrorist gatherings in them, and also imposed control over the international road, Aleppo-Saraqib.