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Once again the BBC taking the side of Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists, which they call ‘Rebels” when it suits them. As the SAA moves in to liberate the remaining city being held captive by terrorist groups that all fled there from other liberated cities, the BBC continue their lies and propaganda on the situation.

Lie No 1: “Syrians are fleeing by their thousands to the Turkish border.”
The truth is that the terrorists and their families are fleeing to Turkey so they won’t be held prisoners. Of course nobody wants them in the country anyway. The Syrian were held hostage, in Idlib and they have no reason to leave. Once they are freed you will not see the BBC interviewing them.

Lie No 2: Any written story by the BBC always quotes it source as SOHR (Syrian Observatory of Human Rights) This is a supporter of ISIS living in Coventry who sends out all of the propaganda to the BBC. He is a 3 times convicted criminal, yet he has not been arrested for terrorist activities, because he gives the BBC the narrative they want to hear.

Lie No 3: Last nights footage showed once again films of the white helmets, which are as we all know by now Al Qaeda, head choppers. These terrorists always put out a fake chemical attack when whey know the are going to be attacked by the government, to call for help from around the world to save their evil skins. Last night the BBC told the same old lie of digging children out of the rubble, which they do in every film, which are fake and using their own children, that have known nothing else since babies as these butchers keep buying them and digging them up for the camera and classed as child abuse.

Lie No 4: The fake chemical attack film, that has been made for some time now and the BBC will wait for the right time to show it.
Next time there is a terrorist attack in Europe, just remember the image of how many terrorists are actually fleeing to Turkey. You will see a huge influx of “refugees” arrive in Greece claiming to be Syrians. Of course because the
BBC is getting your sympathy for these terrorists, that will be moved on to Europe and Britain.

The BBC has been on the side of the terrorist groups since the beginning of the war for the British Government. British Muslims went to fight in Syria because of these lies. Terrorism has grown in Britain, because of these lies, while Rami Abdul Rahman sits in his home in Coventry conducting this propaganda war on behalf of FSA/AL Qaeda/ISIS. There is also a photo of Rahman with his mate William Hague, but appears to have disappeared.

You can trace back all the ‘fake news’ lies and propaganda on AFP, Reuters and the BBC to this one terrorist group.

If Britain really wanted to get serious on terrorism, then this man would have been arrested 10yrs ago.