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A holocaust in the making, some never learn from history, the victims become the perpertrators.

These are some of the torture positions used against Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, according to the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.⁣

They include: ⁣

– The banana position, where the detainee’s hands and legs are cuffed to the lower part of a chair, forming an arch. Interrogators then beat the detainee harshly on the chest and stomach.⁣

– Positional torture, which includes various stress positions, such as detainees being shackled above their heads and being forced to stand on their toes.⁣

– Sleep deprivation: This act of torture can be carried out through different methods. Prison guards disturb detainees with loud noises and in some cases, prisoners are harshly beaten and continuously splashed with water.⁣

– Harsh beatings: Israeli intelligence officers reportedly use extreme methods of violence against detainees including punching, kicking and slapping prisoners. Detainees are sometimes blindfolded so they can’t anticipate the blows.⁣

Addameer has been gathering evidence of crimes of torture and ill-treatment carried out against numerous Palestinian prisoners who have been held in interrogation centers since August 2019. The organization also says it was banned from publishing any images prior to this date because of a gag order from the Israeli Court of First Instance.⁣

Israeli military laws state that detainees can be held for up to 75 days without charge. Under the same laws, detainees also can be banned from having any access to a lawyer for 60 days.⁣

– Eye On Palestine