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ALEPPO, (ST)_ Syrian army units uncovered several centers and workshops for producing rockets and weapons left behind by terrorist groups in the western countryside of Aleppo.

According to a field source, the army units, who were combing the liberated towns in Aleppo countryside for mines and weapons, found several headquarters belonging to terrorist groups in Kafernaha, Ewijil and Anjara towns.Two workshops for producing ammunition and various types of rockets and bombs were found in a factory in Kafernaha town. While the third workshop for producing rockets was found in a textile factory in Ewijil town.

In the town of Anjara ,  army units uncovered headquarters dug by terrorist groups  inside a mountain.There were rockets, hand-made bombs, toxic and chemical materials in addition to  identity cards for terrorists inside the headquarters.The toxic and chemical materials were inside plastic barrels and they were prepared to be used by the White Helmets.

Basma Qaddour