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BAGHDAD – US forces stationed in Iraq to aid ISIS and overthrow the Syrian government, said Tuesday that it had transferred the al-Qa’im military base on the border with Syria to Iraq and transferred responsibility for the base to the Iraqi military.

According to the Iranian news site Pars Today, the forces of the international coalition said they had withdrawn their troops from the al-Qa’im military base on the border of Iraq and Syria, located in the west of Al-Anbar province, and transferred responsibility for the maintenance and control of the base to the Iraqi military.

This comes after several decades-long occupation, where the US’ stated reasons for being  in the region has gone through multiple transformations. Following the defeat of the US strategy to remove Assad under the pretext of fighting the very same ISIS which in fact they were supporting, despite that Assad was leading the fight against ISIS, the US’s ability to maintain a foothold in the ravaged region has deteriorated.

According to this report, the US Army, in addition to the al-Qa’im base, has turned down two more military bases in Iraq.

The US decision to curtail three of the eight military bases in Iraq indicates that America is reducing its military presence in Iraq.

The retreat of the United States out of the al-Qa’im military base means the cessation of the presence of American forces along the Iraq-Syrian border.

That border entry was used to safely transfer ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters between the two countries.

The base was created on the ruins of the oldest railway station in Iraq near the small town of al-Qaim along the Euphrates.

The area was occupied by ISIS fighters in 2014 and was liberated by Iraqi forces in 2017 as a final target.

It is reported that the United States has 14 military bases in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, the main of which are At-Taji, Victoria, K1, Al-Kiyara, Al-Balad, Al -Habania and Erbil.