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On April 7, the Syrian Arab Army and the people of Hammo village in al-Qamishli countryside blocked a convoy of the American occupation forces that  was trying to cross through the village and forced it to withdraw and retreat to the place it came from.

Local sources in the village said that a convoy of 5 vehicles belonging to the American occupation forces was heading to Hammo village checkpoint, and it retreated and withdrew from the area after the people gathered at the Syrian Arab Army checkpoint in the village, and cooperated with the army to prevent the convoys from crossing to express their refusal of the American occupation and any illegal foreign presence on Syrian soil.

The army checkpoint and the people of Hammo village have more than once blocked  the American occupation forces. At the end of March, they prevented a convoy of the American occupation from crossing the Syrian Army checkpoint and forced it to retreat and withdraw from the village.

O. al-Mohammad