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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) said Friday that Israeli settlers have been racing against time to commit as many crimes as possible against native Palestinians amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Palestinian Observatory of Israeli Colonization Activities, which is related to ARIJ, stressed that the violations of Israeli settlers in the West Bank have sharply increased while the Palestinians have been busy fighting the coronavirus.

In its report, the institute stated that while the world has been busy fighting the pandemic, illegal settlers increased their attacks against native Palestinians and their properties throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem.

It added that the Israeli army does nothing to stop the settlers or hold them accountable for their crimes.

The report documented Israeli physical attacks against Palestinian children, elderly people, and women. It stated that fruitful trees, as well as religious and historical places, were attacked.

The report stressed that all the Israeli attacks had one main target, which is “imposing themselves as masters”.

The Israeli attacks included breaking into Al Aqsa mosque, attacks on Palestinian shepherds, preventing native Palestinians from reaching their houses, vandalizing a monument, kidnapping, beating, land leveling, uprooting trees, demolition of houses, and other violations.