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Nine police officers were massacred when NATO-supported terrorists invaded the Daraa Police Command in Mzairib .

Nine police officers were slaughtered at 0800 Damascene time when fifty to sixty human pathogens launched a surprise attack on the Mzairib Daraa Police Command building.

Daraa Police Commander Brigadier General Dharrar Mejhem al Dandal told the media that the savages were armed with light weapons, taking police personnel by surprise, opening fire on all. He emphasized that the perpetrators will be “found and brought to justice.”

The bodies of the nine martyred police officers were transported to the Daraa National Hospital.

Had such carnage been inflicted on any police station in any western NATO country, it would be massively reported as headline news, scattered local police would be interviewed being in solidarity with their fallen brethren, and shown wearing black armbands.

Daraa may sound familiar to many. In 2017, the bipartisan Monsters of Congress created a mini-gang of American lawmakers to support the armed al Qaeda human pathogens, hashtagging their Orwellian call to “Save Daraa.” This gang was undeterred by the evidence of the slaughter of Syrian soldiers whose corpses were then mutilated, with the assistance of White Helmet members.

Drones and other ‘western’ weapons were discovered left behind in liberated areas of Daraa, in 2018. Massive weaponry was also found in June 2019.

There was no western coverage as Syria began to restore Daraa’s health sector after regions had been liberated from the al Qaeda degenerates.

Smugglers of Syrian Antiquities were arrested in Daraa, last year.

But this is Daraa, which is in Syria, and we westerners have been made accustomed to cheering the criminals and the criminally insane: Child beheaders; cannibalsfemicidalistsMenegele‘s bragging about practicing medicine without licensure and performing surgeries without anesthetics; child kidnappers and apparent child pornographers; raving lunatics who mutilate corpses after their murders; deranged who use severed heads as footballs.

We are also supposed to believe that NATO weapons fall into the hands of Satan’s offspring, like manna from the heavens.

May the memories of the martyred police officers of Daraa be for a blessing; may the mourners be comforted.

עוֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם

— Miri Wood