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For a month now, the administration of the social network “Facebook” has been trying to delete the accounts of the news agency “News Front” [a Crimea-based agency that supports Donbass and speaks out against the US-backed coup in Kiev in 2014 – ed]. There wasn’t even a far-fetched excuse. The blocking took place without an attempt to even try to explain the reasons. But now the reasons have become known.

In early April, we reported that the official pages of the Bulgarian, Serbian, and German versions of “News Front” had come under some “restrictions”.
“This may be because some actions from your Page violate Facebook’s rules”, is all that the messages said, and it was not possible to get detailed explanations from the network administration.

The situation was repeated the day before, April 30th, when Facebook started to block the agency’s accounts. The accounts of the Russian, Georgian, Bulgarian, Serbian, German, and English versions did not only fall under a “ban” – they were removed without the right of restoration and, of course, without explanation.

From the beginning it was clear that there was a deliberate campaign against undesirable media. Its orderers decided to confirm this. Thus, the non-governmental organisation International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy [ISFED], operating in Georgia, openly announced the beginning of the fight against unwanted media. Their campaign against freedom of speech was explained by the approaching parliamentary elections in Georgia. A pro-Western NGO is working to minimise the number of media outlets that possess an alternative stance in the midst of the country’s political struggle.

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In this regard, ISFED demanded the deletion of 14 official pages of various news agencies, including News Front, 35 groups that spread unwelcome news, and more than half a dozen personal accounts.

According to ISFED, the official page of the Georgian version of “News Front” has been monitored since November 2019 in the framework of attempts to find violations. Ultimately, the NGO demanded that Facebook delete the page for anti-Western posts. Executive Director of the organisation Mikheil Benidze separately boasted that he had gotten the “News Front” pages removed from the social network.

It is important to note that the funding for such a “purge” comes from George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation. The vast majority of non-governmental organizations operating in Georgia are funded by the Soros Foundation. The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy is no exception.

ISFED exists through grants from the Open Society Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development [USAID], and the embassies of Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the Council of Europe.
In particular, ISFED’s ties with the Soros Foundation became known as early as 2004. At that time, the media released a document that was actually a grant application. It became clear that the Georgian office of the Open Society Foundation intended to Finance ISFED and the “Kmara” youth organisation, whose assets were used during the Rose Revolution. ISFED’s job was to control the election. $30,000 were allocated for this purpose.

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The situation was commented by the founder of the “News Front” agency Konstantin Knyrik“There is a new reality,” he said, “In fact, it is a frank recognition: Facebook is a tool of political influence that works for the organisers of coups, wars, and killings. There is no point in discussing the bias and fake nature of all these Soros media, but they will spread their lies on Facebook, and this ‘objective’ social network will help them.

All our accounts in eight languages have been removed without explanation, although the reason is clear – we are telling the truth, which greatly hinders all this gang of Soros hatchlings. For all those who still trust this organised international criminal group, see what they are doing in Ukraine.

I have a call for everyone! Take the most interesting link in any language close to you and spread it on Facebook, let them understand that the truth cannot be banned.”