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Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Us ambassador to the occupation state, David Friedman, said that a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza will only exist “if Palestinians become Canadian and when the Palestinians become Canadians all your issues should go away.”

In an interview with the Israeli newspaper, Israel Hayom, Friedman stressed that it is all an Israeli decision and that the US administration makes all arrangements with the occupation state. He did not mention any arrangements or discussions with the Palestinians.

When asked about his opinion about those who say that Trump’s plan kills peace, Friedman blamed the Palestinian people and accused it of “paying terrorists” and “inciting violence”, although of being the occupied ones.

He also bragged about the US role “creating a geographic footprint for the Palestinians”, which he described as a “significant accomplishment to the extent that there is ever going to be a unified Palestinian people”, ignoring the fact that there was a Palestinian state before the creation of ‘Israel’, and a Palestinian people that continues to resist.

Friedman stressed that he understands and respects the point of view of the Israeli far-right, that opposes setting up a Palestinian state. However, he said that there has to be a Palestinian state to avoid providing citizenship to millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and because “it can’t be done” that the occupation state could be a country with two classes of citizens, where one votes and the other doesn’t.

“[People on the Right] say they can’t agree to a Palestinian state, because the Palestinian state will be a terrorist state will continue to threaten Israel, will continue to incite, pay terrorists, we can’t live with them.

“I understand them, but [we are saying] you don’t have to live with that Palestinian state, you have to live with the Palestinian state when the Palestinians become Canadians. And when the Palestinians become Canadians all your issues should go away. We are not going for the approach – and we’re serious – [that] administrations in the past [have, when they] were willing to overlook the risks of living side by side with the Palestinians.