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by Janice Kortkamp

The name of the shooter at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas on Thursday was given as Adam Alsahli, a vehement sectarian fanatic who rages against the legitimate government of Syria and supports the head chopping terrorist “rebels” there – just as the US has been doing throughout the conflict…and still is. (Navy Times yesterday: “The FBI officially identified the gunman killed in an attack Thursday morning on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, as 20-year-old Adam Salim Alsahli.”)

The “Manchester Bomber” was rescued by the UK Royal Navy as he was one of their “freedom fighters” that killed Libya and turned it into a “jihadists” paradise.

James Jeffrey, the US envoy to Syria said recently that the US is in Syria to create “a quagmire for Russia”, but not to worry, “it’s not another Afghanistan or Vietnam.” Or Iraq, or Libya, or Yemen, or any of the other always disastrous, never ending wars, interventions, and manufactured coups. The US is currently protecting al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that control Idlib province; is still illegally occupying Syrian lands and taking their oil; and is still training “moderate” extremists ironically called the “Syrian Democratic Forces” even though those forces typically persecute Christians and other non-Kurdish minorities.

In fact, the sanctions against Syria – which will be increased next month – are simply punishment against the Syrian people for not allowing US terrorist proxies, the often al Qaeda and ISIS linked “rebels”, to take over their secular, safe, stable, women-empowering country.

This is me on One America News in 2017 (as a guest, I don’t work for them or anyone else and never accept payment for any work I’ve done as a citizen journalist) describing the US beloved “moderate” beheading, mass murdering, kidnapping, raping and looting “rebels”. (6.5 minutes long)