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Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, has affirmed that the US, British, French, Turkish and Israeli governments moved from proxy- war that is based on supporting, arming and financing terrorist and separatist groups in Syria to the direct war through launching aggression, occupying lands,  looting natural resources and  cutting off water.
“The US and Turkish occupation forces have deliberately set fire to the crops in the Syrian al-Jazeera region with the aim of emptying the Syrian breadbasket,  and this crime constitutes a new economic terrorism which mounts to the level of war crimes perpetrated by the occupation forces against the Syrian people,” al-Jaafari said in an official complaint submitted to the UN Secretary General and  President of Security council against the US, British, French, Turkish and Israeli entity’s governments.
Al-Jaafari cited that Apache helicopters affiliated to the US occupation forces have recently dropped thermal balloons on barley and wheat fields in several  villages surrounding al-Shaddadi city to the south of Hasaka city.  Meanwhile, the Turkish regime’s mercenaries set fire to a number of wheat and barley fields in Abu Rasin and Tal tamir towns in the same province [Hasaka].
The diplomat pointed out to the recent decisions adopted by the US administration and the EU to renew coercive measures being imposed on the Syrian people despite nternational appeals to lift them in light of the spread of Coronavirus.
 “All this coincided with the so-called “Caesar act” that will come into effect soon,” al-Jaafari added, clarifying that targeting the Syrian people through siege is not a new step by the US successive administrations.
Al-Jaafari stressed that Syria hopes the UN and UNSC would take a clear stance that will put an end to the US and Western intervention in the political and humanitarian process tracks and adopt practical measures to end the unilateral, economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.
He underlined that the crimes being perpetrated by the governments of those states constitute  violation of the  international law and a direct aggression on the sovereignty, safety, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.
Al-Jaafari appealed to UN to prepare an urgent report on whether US and EU sanctions concord with UN decisions or not, asserting that honest assessment would show the negative effects of the sanctions on Syrian people.
Basma Qaddour