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by Miri Wood

Biden forces’ illegal military base occupying the Koniko gas field in Deir Ezzor — which is in Syria, which is not in the US — was bombed by unknown persons on or about 24 March. The US’ war criminal CENTCOM has been silent on the bombing, and therefore silent on the casualties.

Atlas showing locations of Syria and US. Biden supremacist forces are American illegals in the SAR.

As the entitled US politicians and stenographer-journalists currently wail about the most recent, deadly, mass shooting in America, the entire entourage flaunts its supremacist world outlook involving its armed military having invaded, occupied, and slaughtered, countless Syrians within their own country.

According to SANA, the targeting of the Biden military base in the Syrian gas field “was accompanied by a state of alert for its [illegal occupation] forces in the region, in parallel with an intensive hovering by its aircraft.” Biden has not dismantled any of the military bases established during the Trump regime, many of which are located in the “al Jazeera region in the fields of oil and gas,” criminal bases set up to steal Syrian oil and to help protect the Obama created SDF terrorists.

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