This is the real story.

In the Western World, if a group of armed masked men hid among peaceful protestors and then started firing at the police and killing indiscriminately, they are called terrorists. So why is it, when it happens in Syria it is called a conspiracy. Why is there one rule for the Middle East and a different one for the rest of the world or is it a way of saying, there can’t possibly be terrorists in the Middle East because the US sees everyone in the Middle East as a terrorist.

The media are portraying a country which has its people demonstrating against their President, just to give the US an excuse to invade the country to save the people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The people of Syria love their President and are willing to give their lives for him. There is not another head of state on this planet who is revered by his people as Bashar Assad.

Having being in Syria when the troubles unfolded and witnessing how the country loves their president. I was shocked to see the lies coming from the International Press on the events in Syria, giving a totally twisted view of events. Tens of thousands took to the streets in an impromptu demonstration, to show their support for President Bashar Al Assad and their distain at Al Jazeera for their continued reporting of lies. Later news reports, turned footage of the support, as demonstrations against the President. The question should be asked, is why are they telling all these lies? What is the hidden agenda of the press to completely reverse a story at the risk of war? In a peaceful country, where different religions, live in harmony. Who is it who will gain from causing trouble in Syria?

Why are Syrians around the world demonstrating in support of President Bashar Al Assad, when usually, you would expect ex-pat Syrians to be the first to protest against the President if he is as bad as we are led to believe. They love him worldwide, but none of these demonstrations even make it onto the news.

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  1. Pepa Stefanova said:

    Beautiful house for sale in Sofia, the suburb of Zhiten, suitable for 2 Syrian families to live in, price 110 000 euro


  2. Aditya said:

    I have been following the syrian war since it started and let me tell u i fully support the race syrian army and the president !

    Only one man and the army is standing against sick Sunni fanatics way to go !

    One message for Americans if u want real change in the world stop supporting countries like Pakistan ,Saudi Arabia (jihadi financiers ) Jordan Eric !

    I would like to help you guys let me know home to visit Damascus after it before great victory is achieved !

    Once again respects for the SAA
    From India

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  3. If Assad would merely allow free and fair elections, and the “terrorists” would evaporate. But he can’t because the Assad family treats the country as it’s personal property, not a modern democracy of free people.

    When Syrians join the rest of the free world, are able to vote for whomever they like, and have a government made up of people who represent all the Syrian people, Assad will be gone, peace will return, and Syria will become a leader in the new Arab world.


  4. Listen, there’s way to much commenting on Syria and not enough valuable information. The best source I’ve found is http://www.syriantransition.org. It’s something called the Syrian Transition Project. Hope you find it useful.


    • It is interesting for views from outside Syria. We are mainly passing on the stories sent to us from the Syrian People in Syria to get the truth out. We will keep reading it though, thank you.


    • dwilmsen said:

      There hasn’t been a whole lot of activity on that site of yours, the Syrian Transition Outfit, has there? To hear them talk, in 2012, the transition had already begun. The forces arrayed against President al-Assad in those days were pretty cock sure of themselves. A lot has changed since then.


  5. William Walker said:

    The Olympics are supposed to make us proud of our country. Instead, I am ashamed that the UK government is paying terrorists to destroy a peaceful country and I am furious that our supposedly independent media only give the terrorist side of the story.


  6. Ari Mantyniemi said:

    Assad will hang as the murder he is, and the Ayatollas will be next


    • You are a coward, and a low life scum. Can’t you see that Syria is invaded by terrorists and the Government is only trying to free the people from the threat of terrorism.
      Perhaps you would do better to focus on the real terrorists in the middle east, and that is the Terrorist State of Israel. there will never be peace in the Middle East until we see the end of the Terrorist State of Israel.


    • You Sunni Jihadists are so naive. You are being USED by the US, which is the property of ISRAEL. Any “Sunni” overthrow of Assad will be fake, it will be another puppet Sunni state controlled by the Jews. THAT is why the “west” supports Al-Qaeda in Syria, dumbass!


    • Couldn’t agree more…


    • Aditya said:

      Lol really what about the sick Sunnis from Mecca ?


  7. Socialkenny PUA said:

    This article is so true!

    I was raised in New York City,but now live back in my home island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

    There are huge amounts of Syrians living here(came here as merchants).

    99% of them are Christians.

    Before I ever interacted with them,I thought they would’ve hated any muslim leader(as Assad),until years ago,they told me that they love Assad.

    Few days ago,here in Antigua,I spoke to some Syrians about the latest,and all 100% of them support Assad.

    Never had I heard a Syrian outside of Syria condemn Assad as a bad man.

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  8. I believe I am gods child… even his servant… from time to time… as any child might find himself focused on his father instead of himself.

    I have had feelings that it might be true… that there was only a minority of people desiring their own way of life in a country which desires “its own way of life”.

    As for the US ( and little brothers Canada & GB?… duhhh… OIL, OIL, OIL, OIL,,,,l,,l,l,lm;ksnhioyuasfoiuFHEBN… CONFUSION CREATES INROAds for coruption and greed.

    but, HOWEVER, I am emailing?… messaging you just to say that if those who are rebelling are minority then offer them passports and emmigration!!!!!

    If the “west” simpathizes so enduringly then let them take your ‘issadents’ into their own societies.

    As for the rebellion… I think that the west has wisdom to offer…
    please find and play (as you do not provide file attachment)…
    “Queen” “I Want It All”

    Gary… (gods un-desiring… Anti-Christ)


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