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  1. I am a New zealand person & I have watched over the years the systematic destruction of many civilisations by the USA/France/Uk & their allies. Almost 300million human lives lost in covert,illegal wars conducted on behalf of international banking elites. Iraqis enjoyed one of the most prosperous lifestyles on the planet with actually a high rate of obesity. Until the criminals started eyeing the prize of oil & gold held by Iraq and began to destroy their infrastructure by bombing water treatment plants, and all sorts of other terrorist acts. Every time Iraq complied, they moved the goal posts & required something further from them in exchange. Until the disastrous & illegal war where over 1.5million lives were brutally stolen by mercenary armies of the NATO forces. All sorts of immoral and humiliating, brutal acts conducted against the terrified population of Iraq, a most illegal & disgusting crime in which all americans are complicit. Also americans starved to death over 1.2million german prisoners of war in open air prisons, I personally viewed the documnt signed by paedophile eisenhower deliberately re-routing supplies, blankets & medicine destined for the already frail & starving germans. What an evil, evil act…Libya, Brazil, Iran, Salvador, Bolivia, Chile, etc, etc Need I go on, so much criminality from the USA government & its people who just dont seem to stop. And now we have some well meaning ignorant american who is actually giving their time to destroy yet another place where people were happy & free of terrorism. Americans just dont seem to get it, that they are the terrorists & yet interfere from their ‘poisoned’ & ‘blackened’ hearts. You keep away from Syria, you have not a pure heart to judge the events in Syria, this is evident & so you will be the cause of deaths of Syrian people as you spread fiction about the situation from your lounge sofa while snacking on the processed, stupefying foods you love so much. I have never met people more educated, moral & intelligent than Syrian people. They are in possession of the full facts regarding world events & are one of the first countries to offer help to the oppressed peoples when in need. The most recent being their incorporation of refugees from Iraq & palestine, places where your tax dollars have detsroyed infrastructure & the lives & happiness of the people. Shame on you for being a hypocrite, how dare you interfere in the lives of others through ignorance! God allows us to see depending on the purity of our hearts. I saw, & I am here in support of the Syrian people & their decision to be with the leader of their country against the evils of this world God stay with Syria, & keep these interefering, thug american people away from this beautiful & peaceful people. I support you 100%!!


  2. Show The Truth said:

    ‘Now it is impossible to defeat Syria’

    Nadezhda Kevorkova is a war correspondent who has covered the events of the Arab Spring, military and religious conflicts around the world, and the anti-globalization movement.
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    Published time: October 17, 2013 15:06
    AFP Photo / Ricardo Garcia Vilanovoa

    AFP Photo / Ricardo Garcia Vilanovoa
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    Arms, Army, Conflict, Military, Politics, Security, Syria, Violence

    The situation in Syria showcases the US-Israel failure to pursue their plans on the ground, Lebanese military specialist, law professor, General Amine Hotait told RT. He believes this attempt blocks the use of force in the war-torn state – for good.

    RT: What do you think about the situation in Syria? The region is in chaos, are the rebels winning?

    Amine Hotait: No, the US-Israeli plan has failed – they haven’t been able to move forward for two years. And now Russia has persuaded the US not to bomb Syria. Russia is one of the three winners in Syria, its Russia’s strategic victory. The winners are – Resistance (Hezbollah – RT), Iran, and BRICS as NATO’s opponent. And of course, Resistance inside Syria. Now all of us, who were there when this historic decision not to bomb Syria was made, live in a new era. The UN Resolution 2118 is the first document of the new world. So far we only see fragments of this new world. Obama’s talk with Rouhani is also a result of the victory in Syria. For three days they were discussing paragraph 21 in the UN Resolution, where it says that if Syria doesn’t comply with the decision to destroy all chemical weapons, measures stipulated in paragraph 7 will be used against it. I laughed at the authors. Anyone can get up and say something in the UN. They can talk about it all they want, but there will never be a decision to use force against Syria. Now it is impossible to defeat Syria.

    RT: Obama said that the US would bomb Syria, the media talk about the rebels uniting and winning…

    AH: In the next months we will see the situation develop in three aspects: clashes between the rebels, the army fighting against the rebels, and international efforts. I don’t think the Geneva summit will take place, because the conditions are not right. You see, Resolution 2118 provides that talks must take place between those who control the situation. What do we have now? The people want a peaceful solution. Paragraph 7 (about using force) has been moved far away, so it can’t be used. Non-Syrians cannot decide on the future of Syria, so all foreigners, i.e. over 100 military groups, will have to leave Syria. The Syrian opposition is demoralized. As we see, the rebels are more concerned with the issue of women, gender roles, and money. They lost their position in Syrian society. So there can’t be any rebel a representative in Geneva, there is no one to transfer the power to.

    RT: Do the rebels follow Hezbollah tactics?

    AH: They have no tactics, they were successful only because there were a lot of them, and they attacked vulnerable places and used the army’s weaknesses.

    If you remember, 700 soldiers defended the Minneg airport in Aleppo for almost a year, they repelled 10 attacks. When 20,000 rebels gathered around the airport, the soldiers withdrew, and the air force took over, the rebels lost 3,500 people, while the soldiers – only 12. There are cases of treason. The rebels get reports that there are no army soldiers in a certain place, and attack the town. This is what happened in Maaloula – there was no army there at all. The rebels were just killing civilians; there was no one there to resist them. Officers have relatives among the Takfiri. They might get money from the rebels, there might be threats to the family – these things happen from time to time. That’s all their success is based on.

    If they had a military tactic in place, they would liberate Syria half a year ago. Their army totalled 150,000, and they could have prevailed over a 1.5 million army. 4,000 Hezbollah fighters defeated 40,000 Israeli soldiers. These methods were incorporated into the tactics of a ‘war of substitution’.

    But the rebels don’t have a command, they don’t interact between the groups, don’t plan out their actions in advance.
    Their losses make up 40,000 people. They are helped by 28,000 foreign hirelings from 38 countries of the world.

    General Amine Hotait (RT Photo / Nadezda Kevorkova)

    General Amine Hotait (RT Photo / Nadezda Kevorkova)

    RT: How do rebels get weapons?

    AH: At first, weapons were smuggled through the Turkish border, but 60 percent of supplies still went through Lebanon, through Tripoli. Also, rebels got hold of guns when they captured army depots. When they got control of the checkpoints on the Turkish border, it because easier to get weapons from Turkey.

    The north of Lebanon saw 18 violent clashes between Alawites and Sunnis. Using the shootout as a disguise, weapons-loaded boats were sent to rebels. They got mad when they lost Al-Qusayr. With it, they lost their logistics.
    Since then, there was no more war in Tripoli.

    Then Saudi Arabia pressured Jordan, and it allowed the weapons to flow through its territory. But Jordan cannot play the role of Lebanon. They don’t want to get involved, they don’t want to side with anyone. Up until now a significant part of arms supply went through Turkey, so when Turkey blocked it, the rebels went postal.

    If the USA issues a command to finish the guerrilla campaign, the war in Syria will be over within three months. The rebels don’t have the people’s support or the resources to last more than three months, which is why it’s not a civil war, but external aggression.

    RT: How did the chemical weapons come up in all this? Does Hezbollah or Hamas have chemical weapons?

    AH: Neither Hezbollah nor Hamas has ever possessed chemical weapons. It was used once against Hezbollah. Only two countries in the region used chemical weapons – Israel used white phosphorus against Lebanon in 2006, and Saddam Hussein used nerve agents twice, against Iran and the Kurds. In the south, where the gas attacks took place, it led to cancer incidence rate being four times higher than average.

    The US was going to carry out the same plan as with Iraq in 2003, when it was accused of having chemical weapons and it had none. Pinning the blame for using chemical weapons on the Syrian government proved impossible.

    All the information the Americans have about chemical weapons in Syria came from Israel. It would benefit Israel to have the US bomb 160 targets in Syrian territory – the targets that Israel itself would point to. The US could have started the bombing, but it knew our Resistance (Hezbollah – RT) was capable of reiterating and bombing Israel. It would have led to big losses, so it wasn’t a smart move. A ground operation was also an option, but that would have been simply insane.

    So a wise decision to destroy all chemical weapons in Syria was made. Syria doesn’t need it – it can’t be used either against the rebels or against Israel.

    It’s in Syria’s interests to agree to this plan, because this would prevent the US from attacking and secure Russia’s promise to assist with the modern air defense technology.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry (R) shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during their press conference on the sidelines of the APEC Summit in Nusa Dua on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on October 7, 2013 (AFP Photo / Sonny Tumbelaka)

    US Secretary of State John Kerry (R) shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during their press conference on the sidelines of the APEC Summit in Nusa Dua on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on October 7, 2013 (AFP Photo / Sonny Tumbelaka)

    RT: Could you comment on the use of chemical weapons near Damascus?

    AH: The rebels made two mistakes. They did use chemical weapons, but not in the place the bodies were in. People wouldn’t be able to be there without protective clothing. It just looked as if the children had been drugged – there were no signs of vomit or chemical poisoning. Besides, the death toll estimates vary too much: the first estimate was 120 victims, then 360. The French claimed the death toll reached 500 people, and the Americans said it was 1,300.

    Russia knows the US is telling lies and is trying to dispel them. When Mr Lavrov first accused Kerry of lying, he had nothing to counter it with. (On September 2, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said it was “strange” to hear the US Secretary of State John Kerry say that “the American side had produced irrefutable evidence for Russia of the Assad regime using chemical weapons” – RT)

    RT: From the military point of view, who are the Syrian rebels? What tactics do they use?

    AH: I’ve been studying this tactics since 2007. I call it a proxy war – Israel uses a third party to fight Syria in order to avoid getting involved directly. I anticipated this situation.

    RT: Did you anticipate the events in Syria specifically?

    AH: Not only in Syria, in other countries as well. It was clear that Israel had been looking for new types of warfare. The 2006 Lebanon war showed that Israel couldn’t secure a quick victory anymore, but a long campaign is also not an option – Israel can’t maintain several fronts. In the future, Israel will refrain from open warfare against the Arab world, barring punitive measures against the Palestinians, and opt for proxy wars instead.

    RT: Could you describe the main parameters of this proxy war?

    AH: A proxy war is closely connected to igniting a civil war between various social groups employing religious and ethnical slogans. Such a war engulfs everything and drags everyone in; it weakens the country, torn apart by artificial and irresolvable conflict. That’s the idea – to pit the Sunni and the Shia against each other across the entire region.

    RT: Why did Syria become the focus of their efforts?

    AH: Syria is the retaliation for Hezbollah’s victory in 2006, an attempt to cover the bitter taste of defeat that they experienced for the first time. Having won, Hezbollah delayed their plans for three years – Israel planned for the civil war in Syria to start much earlier than that.

    RT: As a result of the Syrian conflict, Lebanon has to deal with enormous pressure in the form of refugees. How many are there?

    AH: There are over 1,300,000 refugees total – about 350,000-400,000 Syrians in the south; 150,000 in Beirut and Saida each; 25,000-30,000 in the Christian areas, and 350,000 in the Beqaa Valley.

    RT: Are there some refugee settlements that have it better or worse than others?

    AH: We can’t define with absolute certainty where it’s better for refugees. People offer them a place in their homes, but the Syrians don’t go where they’re not welcome. There are only two places that don’t welcome them – Walid Jumblatt’s Druze community and the Maronites in the north. There aren’t even five thousand refugees living in the Druze community. The Druze control the Ministry of Refugees, so they make a fortune off the funds sent in from all over the world to help refugees. Life is tough for refugees everywhere.

    Nadezhda Kevorkova, RT



  3. Syria 24 English
    about an hour ago
    The Units of Syrian Arab Army continue in cautious advance in the Old city neighborhoods, adjacent to the Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo.

    The Syrian army, according to our correspondent, is moving slowly in these neighborhoods due to the heavy deployment for snipers in alleys of the very area.

    The correspondent added that the militants had booby-trapped overnight al-Zahrawi Souk, as others burn the Women Souk, one of the most ancient Souks in the whole world.

    Meanwhile, the Syrian army has operated special operations in each of Kafar Jom, al-Atareb, Qadi Askar, Sheikh Khuder, Bab al-Nirab, Bustan al-Qaser, Mareaa, Hritan and Endan.

    The military operations have resulted in destroying HQs for the Free army militia, killing a large number of the insurgents and confiscating a huge amount of weapons.

    Our reporter added that a dispute has occurred between two armed groups, leading to armed clashes that last for 3 hours in Hayan town of Aleppo countryside.

    The clashes resulted in killing the leader of “Omar Grandsons” battalion, Omar Mansour Ouso.

    Moreover, clashes have occurred as well between the Free army militia and al-Qaeda fighters in Bustan al-Qaser, Bustan al-Basha, Hanano and some areas in the northern countryside

    The armed disputes have occurred when the Free army militia reported to burn the bodies of al-Qaeda militants.

    Our reporter quoted sources as saying that the armed conflicts erupted when the Free army militia have accused the Qaeda militants of raping women, kidnapping members of the Free army militia and looting their spoils.

    The clashes resulted in unidentified toll of killings among both sides, as waiting for further information.



  4. Like

  5. to apersonwithoutaconscience:

    syrians support their army and govt…and not the FSA


  6. souria al assad said:

    Syria is a country, that someone like you will never Imagine, Our leader is more than fair at least he didn’t drag us through multi invasions. Our country is being played big time by the likes of people like yourself who actually don’t know nothing about it! God bless our leader and our army who are fighting against foreign back fighters to destroy something wonderful that we had here in Syria.


  7. Aperson Withaconscience said:

    Bashar al Assad is a terrible person who has committed many war crimes and is responsible for the deaths of over 30,000 people and he should be removed from power immediately. This website is a distributor of false information and all people affiliated with it should be more than ashamed by themselves.

    Everybody knows what is happening in Syria; Assad is committing a genocide and getting away with it, and the FSA are the people trying to fight against oppression for their freedom. I could not live with myself if I was someone who started this website.

    I believe in a world where every person cares about every other. A world where there is absolute honesty, absolute selflessness, and absolute compassion. When I see things like this website in the world around me, it kills me inside. How can you justify your support for Assad and his merciless killings? Do not say that the ‘terrorists’ are behind the 30,000 deaths and that Assad is fighting to save lives. You know it, I know it, Assad knows it; Assad is responsible for the massacres.

    I have one specific question, and I would love a legitimate answer based on the facts that you know to be the truth; How can you live with yourself knowing that you contribute to the destruction of so many thousands of lives with every word you type on this site?
    What if it was your family beaten to death by the Shabiha?
    Can you imagine the pain of each one of those people who lose their parents, children, siblings, etc to such a violent death?

    The regime are the people who are afraid of losing power, so they pay the Shabiha to kill. and SANA to spew lies, and are not hindered by the foreign powers who do not care.
    The FSA are the people who are tired of watching the Syrian people die, so they pick up a gun and fight from their hearts.
    The Syrian people are the people that choose not to make themselves a target by picking up a gun because they do not want to die, but they die anyway.
    The Shabiha are the people who use the stocks of their rifles to beat the heads of helpless four year olds until the blood and life spill from their bodies in a horrific scene.
    I am the person watching from America, thousands of miles away, working for hours to fight the regime and help the people as best I can, only to watch my work undone by you.


    • If you are working on bringing down the Assad government they I can only presume you are a terrorist for the FSA or Al Qaeda.

      Just goes to show just how little the USA know what is going on outside their country. Another tiny brained person who believes everything on his TV is real. Living in Simpson world of fairytale. No wonder the Americans have a reputation of being so stupid. The Syrian people do know what is happening in their own country, they don’t need you who are sitting from of your TV thousands of miles away telling them, just because it was on your TV. I just cannot believe how stupid you are.


      • frankoo said:

        now wait just a sec i am mexican american not at all syrian but what is happenng bothers me. and like my fellow american said we try and help in our own way. but i ask u this how sure are you that assad is ur little hero, atleast here in america we are allowed to think for ourselves and not act upon what we are told, and yes i admit there is trash in every country, but if the U.S and its allies wanted to take assad down he would have been dead a loooong time ago. does the FSA kill civilians probably not, i cant answear for all but they dont bomb the breadlines, and if there are terrorist cells its probably because that ass hole al assad wasn’t doing his job right in protecting his country but instead because he is a diffrent type of muslim or some thing like that. i havent heard any reports of him feeding ppl helping them, hes all talk, hiding somewhere scared of the FSA.


      • Evidence of FSA killing innocent civilians, killing babies, shooting bread lines, killing old helpless men, beheading, butchering, stealing medicines from the hospitals, trying to shoot down two passenger planes. Paid in US Dollars.


      • John Michael said:

        I am seeing a teend here. You make no real responses to this persons statements. You make no comments about the airplane bombings which are 100% Assad as we can DEFINETLEY agree on this.

        A bomber plane vs men on ground? Come on! Who are you trying to fool here?? We have brains we know the FSA does not have an air force.. Assad is bombing civilian homes everyday! Fly over and boom! Within seconds hundreds gone.. how can FSS with guns fight that? Iv seen ut, they are helpless.

        Also Bashars men have clear videos of them trying to get syrians to prostrate on to a picture of Bashar.. if the people refruse.. they are beaten to a bloody pulp! What disgusting crap is that?


      • Who has denied the army is bombing the terrorists on the ground? We haven’t. He is bombing the terrorists. The terrorists take over the homes of the Syrians and kill and behead them. You obviously support the butcher terrorists. Why not join all of your friends there and try your luck if that is what your believe. All the Palestinian refugees in the Yarmouk camp were attacked by the terrorists and the government moved them to a safer place. The camp is now full of terrorists. So when you see in the media that Assad has bombed the Yarmouk refugee camp it is the terrorists he is bombing. Get your facts right before making stupid comments.


    • souria al assad said:

      Syria is a country, that someone like you will never Imagine, Our leader is more than fair at least he didn’t drag us through multi invasions. Our country is being played big time by the likes of people like yourself who actually don’t know nothing about it! God bless our leader and our army who are fighting against foreign back fighters to destroy something wonderful that we had here in Syria.


    • Military dumped body parts of dead servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in LANDFILL


    • Like

    • a pro-assad rally of more than a million syrians”

      do we see mass rallies for the FSA? no way jose!


    • Like

    • ok..lets look at this bit of twaddle: ‘I believe in a world where every person cares about every other. A world where there is absolute honesty, absolute selflessness, and absolute compassion. When I see things like this website in the world around me, it kills me inside. How can you justify your support for Assad and his merciless killings? Do not say that the ‘terrorists’ are behind the 30,000 deaths and that Assad is fighting to save lives. You know it, I know it, Assad knows it; Assad is responsible for the massacres.’…………………………no you dont believe that Apersonwithoutaconscience! you believe in the right of the USrael to destroy sovereign states…you believe in the power of lying….youre dead inside and died long ago…as shown by your lack of a conscience….the terrorists, nearly all foreign, ARE behind the massacres, massacres you support…the syrian people support their army and govt inspite of your BIG LIE that the support the FSA….meet a syrian in damascus as he calls the BBC and YOU a liar:


      • Aperson Withaconscience said:

        The man in this video is saying that the woman is lying and that Syria is “quiet” in reality.
        Does this mean that you disagree with the statement that over 30,000 people have been killed in Syria?


      • That is the figure picked out of the air. That figure is totally wrong. Where is your evidence? Oh sorry I forgot you watched it on TV.


    • syrians support president Assad and call apersonwithoutaconscience a liar


    • hey :”person watching from America, thousands of miles away, working for hours to fight the regime” I hope your work place is far away from NY ,because those who you work for are the same killers in 9/11 events=Al Qaeda!!!! and you probably get payed from the American people ‘taxes so you are worse than the one you blamed! did Syrians ask you to do that? I am sure they din’t! Syrians know the truth! So why the hard work ?why not working for the homeless in America,or for the orphans whose parents died fighting Al Qaeda? what about Palestinians? why not fighting for them ?


    • Aperson Withaconscience search for your conscience !it was stolen by the biased media!


    • Aperson “Withaconscience”,

      I think you need a reality check! The attempt of conducting a “regime change” in Syria, by force, was a recipe for disaster in the eyes of many Syrians for the following reasons;

      -The majority of Syrians supported peaceful reforms rather than “regime change” that only serves the hidden agendas of the enemies of Syria!! They support peace rather than war!!
      – Attempting to conduct a regime change by force when the President enjoys substantial support from his army and his people is such a reckless act that only traitors/ enemies of the state who don’t care about their country are able to support!
      -By supporting the President, Syrians are DEFEDING their country against the foreign and “FSA” Jihadists who are supported by NATO/ GCC!!

      SANA is no different to the CNN and the likes who promote the foreign policy of the US administration!! Trust me, unlike you, many Syrians who are against the “revolution” have based their judgement on REAL stories from friends and families who LIVE inside Syria!! It’s very unlikely that you will get the true picture listening to the war propaganda machines spreading lies about Syria like they spread lies about Libya!!!


    • compasionate human said:

      The very fact your are “watching this from america” tells me all i need to know ! I live in the u.k and i thought the b.b.c were a fine upstanding news organisation, until however i have caught them misrepresenting the facts in favor of terrorists(which is what they are) journalists are supposed to be inpartial and take a neutral stance!. American news agencies are the worst i urge you seek the truth and you shall find.I admire assad he was educated in britain ,he is a surgeon and he does what is best for the syrian people .Many of my friends tell me he is a brutal war criminal only because they heard it somwhere else and can not tell me how,who or when…….i ask you if armed protesters came to your town “protesting” by attacking police stations/civillians wouldnt you ask for the army to help?




  8. R. Cooper said:

    Aleppo’s only water source is from the water treatment plants that supply water from lake Assad. Occupy the water treatment plants and cut off water and also the electricity to Aleppo. Use scramblers to disrupt satellite phone, cell phone and computers from Aleppo.

    The Syrian army’s best bet is to use it’s infantry and tanks to seal off escape exits. Then cut of water and electricity and pound the foreign terrorists with artillery and helicopter gunships. Reduce the terrorists by bombing and starvation. The civilians need to leave now or they will suffer the same fate as the foreign terroists. I understand that the Al Qaida thugs are forcing people to stay and trying to hijack the young men into fighting for them.

    Meantime invite the Russians to land marines at the naval base they rent from Syria to safeguard the ports and allow Russian fighter wings to occupy the Syrian airports. This will keep the air ports in government hands.


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